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Best surprises to receive from back home....

By AlbertoBlogger 15 Oct 2015

We all know that when we are away from home everything you receive by mail takes on a whole new sentimental meaning!

Here are the top 10 things you should send and receive when you are at uni, in no particular order, (except for the first one!):

  1. Your Mum’s food: this had to be the No.1. That moment when you come back home for Christmas and you get to taste the one thing that you have been dreaming of for the past 6 months.... Imagine that feeling when you see a big Tupperware box that will feed you for a week coming all the way from home to your post box!
  2. Comfort clothes: that old t-shirt you always wore at home on your lazy Sundays......yep, you know what kind of thing I’m talking about.
  3. Chocolate: after eating on a budget for so long, it’s always nice to have something sweet to eat! Though, with great power comes great responsibility..... you might want to keep it in your room, because it’s in very high demanded in a student kitchen. Plus, you can watch your favourite series while you give in to your guilty pleasure!
  4. Plant seeds: It sure sounds stupid, but a potted plant can be really good company while you study. A good friend that will not ask for much (no more than water every few days), so what else can you ask for? For very low maintenance I recommend a cactus or bonsai tree!
  5. Cola Cao: As a Spaniard, I don’t think anyone will disagree with me on this one. This is the equivalent to a British living abroad being sent some British tea. You need to mix this chocolate powder with milk and stir it, perfect for a late night chatting in the kitchen.
  6. Letters: you might think of me as a very old-fashioned guy, but there is no better feeling than receiving letters from friends just catching up or simply saying what they've been doing recently. It is much more personal and intimate than Skype or Facebook, and it will mean much more to the person receiving it.
  7. Books: we all get so caught up with our tutorials and essays we never get time to chill out and read that book you've been wanting to read since the summer. Uni life is stressful, so it’s nice to sit down for an hour and escape into some fiction.
  8. Albums: it’s always nice to listen to your old CD's, those you have been listening for years. I strongly recommend listening to them before you go to sleep, take a nostalgia trip and enter the land of nod.
  9. Pictures: if you are lucky enough to have friends into analogical photography, you will know how good it is to receive actual printed pictures and send them out to your friends and family by post.
  10. Birthday presents: birthdays are always kind of tough when you are not at home. You’ll spend the day skyping your friends and family if you are lucky, but it always makes you want to be at home for just that one day. But if one thing will make you the happiest person on Earth, it's getting a surprise birthday present sent to you, doesn't matter if it’s a week late or if it’s just a few words.

So why not take some time out of your busy routine and take a trip to the post office to send a snail mail surprise?!

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