Breaking Bad (habits)

By BzAimee 04 Jan 2017

Got something you're trying to change about yourself in 2017?

We all have our own bad habits, whether it's biting our nails, drinking too much coffee, or staying on social media until the crack of dawn, on a daily basis - they can be a nightmare to stop. 

But, what about if you didn't have to stop?

This year, rather than going cold turkey - meaning you end up giving up your new resolution a week or so in, how about REPLACING your bad habit instead? Follow this guide to see how!




Biting nails

Bite something else instead! Keep a piece of fruit nearby and chomp down on that

Keep them trimmed down so there's nothing to bite or maybe give them a coat of nail polish?

Social Media

Download the 'Distractify' app rather than scroll through Facebook

Log out of your profile completely and hide your phone - out of sight, out of mind

Video games

Spend time outdoors with friends 

Set yourself an alarm for when to spend time away from the game

Too much coffee/tea

Get some lemon water on the go

Don't have any in the house to lure you to the cupboard


Replace your stuff with money and sell anything you don’t need

Download the money tracker app so you can keep an eye on exactly what you're spending

Cracking knuckles

Get yourself a stress ball and squeeze rather than crack

Try to avoid stressful situations


Keep a pencil in your hand

Stay busy and keep your mind focused on something else 


If yours isn't on this list, choose one that you can apply to your situation, and think of an alternative.

Example 1: If you eat too much of something - take a look at the coffee/tea habit. Avoid: Don't stock it. Replace: Choose something different? Swap chocolate for an apple?

Example 2: Shopping/spending too much? Like with the video games to avoid: Set a time limit to stop. To replace: Get out and do something different - exercise? It's free!

Make this the year you break those bad habits!

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