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Can you survive on £30 a week?!

By BronaghBlogger 27 Feb 2015

Never have anything in the cupboards? The daily trips to the local shop soon rack up! Here's how to eat well on a budget, helping to save your wallet and your waistline.....

We all know student living is all about making the most of, well, everything really and budgeting is a challenge I’m not going to lie, but it's an easy one if you know what to look for. So, here’s a shopping list that should do you for a week for around £30 (it's all about buying what you need).

First of all you’re going to need fruit and veg. I myself eat a mostly vegetarian diet (which does make my shopping a little cheaper) but veggies are essential in any case. Say you go shopping on Sunday, that’s 7 dinners worth of food you need to think about.

My staples:

Sweet potato - > you can do so many things with sweet potatoes, bake them, grill them, roast them
Eggs -> full of protein! Omelettes will always save you 
Oats -> pancakes, oatmeal, granola (I could literally eat oats for life, oatmeal is my obsession)

Shopping list:

Carrots : 80p/kg.

Oats: £1 per kg

Couscous: 80p

Courgettes: 50p

Tuna: 75p x 2

Semi-skimmed milk: 75p

Aubergine: 75p

Apples: £1.50

Onions: 80p per kg

Peppers: 3 for £1

Bananas: 5 for £1

Butter: £1

Eggs: £1

Brown Rice: £1.75 per kg

Steak Mince: £4.50 per 500g

Chicken Breast: 3 for £4

Whole wheat pasta: 90p

Potatoes: £1 per kg

Tinned tomatoes: 30p

Brown Bread: 80p

Rib-eye steak: £3

Lettuce: 45p

Sweet Potatoes: £1.25 per kg

Diced Beef: £2/200g                                                   

Grand total: £32.45 (this is a little over but you won’t use all of the rice/oats/couscous in one week, they should last you for at least two!)

So if we take this shopping list right here, there are endless possibilities of what you could make for dinner.

Sunday: Spaghetti with meatballs in a tomato sauce

Monday : Apple oatmeal, couscous with tomatoes and onions, chicken with carrots and potatoes

Tuesday: Toast and banana, chicken salad sandwich, Vegetable frittata

Wednesday: Banana-honey oatmeal, Poached Eggs on toast, Baked Sweet potato with tuna and salad

Thursday: Omelette, Tuna Sandwich, Steak with potatoes and grilled veg

Friday: Banana oat pancakes, Chicken salad, Sweet potato fries with grilled vegetables

Saturday: Banana-cinnamon French toast, Granola with baked apple, Spaghetti Bolognaise

Sunday: shopping day!

Squeezing the pennies: cut back on the quick fix processed foods......No frozen pizza here and oven chips there, buy some potatoes and roast them yourself, grab a bag flour and a bit of yeast and presto, a pizza base! Honestly if you buy good fresh ingredients, not only do you know exactly what’s going into your food, but you can literally spread it out across the entire week! 

Top tip: if you’re going through a particularly bad week money-wise, skip the meat and go vegetarian, it’ll cut your bill in half.

Happy shopping and budgeting!


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