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Clémentine exclusive: Rising stars at Murano!

By IzzyBlogger 06 Feb 2015

Sitting with Katie, a philosophy student from The Hague and Zigi, a medic from Linlithgow, in a fairly cluttered Murano kitchen you’d be forgiven for assuming the duo would have other things on their mind that doesn’t include an upcoming EP......

However, after their initial meeting in September, the pair, otherwise known as Clémentine, have quickly begun climbing the ladder to musical super-stardom.

Taking twenty minutes out of their evening, I have a chance to catch up with the pair and see exactly how the two contrasting lives of student by day, musician by night can balance out.

So, it’s not a particularly original question, but I have to ask: why Clémentine?

Katie: Aha it’s not as deep and meaningful as you may hope, we were sat in the kitchen just pointing out random objects and there was a clementine on the table… It worked so we went with it.

Zigi: One of my original suggestions was toilet paper but Katie wasn’t on board with that one.

What was the first song you ever played in public as Clémentine?

Zigi: Was it Crazy? Or Summer time? I think it was Crazy.

Katie: Yeah, we were at the Queen Margret’s open mic night and played, it was the first song we learnt and our flatmates said we should give it a go, so we did!

If you had to put your music into a genre, where would it belong?

Katie: Oh I never know what to say when people as us this, just a bit of everything really!

Zigi: Katie once described our music as “organic”, so since then we try and avoid describing our work, it just tends to go a bit wrong. I suppose maybe jazz or old-school music but we try to do a range of stuff.

Who is a big influence on your work?

Zigi: *Staring jokingly into Katie’s eyes* Each other of course! Haha, well I was listening to a lot of Jack Johnson when I first started learning the guitar so maybe him?

Katie: I love Postmodern Jukebox, they take modern songs and twist them into an old-school mash, it’s pretty cool.

What’s been the highlight for Clémentine so far?

Katie: Definitely the STV appeal we were asked to play at, it was hosted at the Corinthian hotel and we couldn’t believe we were part of something so fancy and important.

Zigi: We always end up getting free drinks and food, the Corinthian was great but the leftovers from some of the places we play are amazing, our flatmates appreciate that benefit of our music too!

What advice would you give to other students who are trying to juggle their studies with music?

Katie: Definitely just give it a go at open mic’s, that’s where it all started with us and we were offered a job to play at a cocktail lounge in the centre of Glasgow just from playing at the union.

Zigi: There are so many people who are willing to help you for absolutely nothing, it’s pretty incredible so just talk to everyone and you’ll be surprised how much support you can get.

Okay, so final question and you have to answer whatever pops into your head first… You’re stranded on a desert island and can only listen to one artist… Who is it?

Zigi: No, I can’t it’s too hard!

Katie: I want to say Louis Armstrong just because he has such an amazing smile and he suits any occasion.

Zigi: Hey I was gonna say him! Ugh I’ll think of another… You’d need an artist you wouldn’t get sick of, maybe Ben l’Oncle Soul? He’s a French musician who I’ve been listening to a lot recently. 

Look out for Clémentine playing at the Sugar Palm Lounge two evenings a week and their upcoming EP that contains five of their own tracks.

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