Did you hear that halls story about the guy who...

By MPerry 30 Aug 2013

...burnt down his halls of residence?!

Most of the time students get it right (you're a pretty clever lot) but here are a few important points to bear in mind to make sure you and the halls stay in one piece!

  • CANDLES AND FAIRY LIGHTS -They might add 'atmosphere' to your bedroom but they can be a big fire risk. There's nothing particularly 'atmospheric' about a chargrilled bedroom!
  • CHARGING YOUR PHONE OR LAPTOP - Keep it on your desk and avoid leaving it unattended. It might be rare but electrical items have been known to overheat and set a whole house on fire! 
  • TIDY ROOM - Not only does it look (and smell) slightly more inviting for other humans, it's also safer.  
  • DOOR - Keep your door clear, and don't prop it open with chairs, cones, inflatables or any other objects you may have 'acquired' during Freshers' Week.
  • SMOKER? - Smoking is only allowed in certain areas, never inside. 
  • WINDOWS AND FANS - Make sure you use them for what they are meant for! You know the saying if it's not broke don't try and customise it or stop it from working! 

All quite simple and easy, but if you have any questions or concerns, remember that you can always ask the Accommodation Services team.

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