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End of session information - Student Apartments & Lister House

By LYoung 06 Jun 2018

We hope the following information will be helpful for anyone in the process of getting ready to move out for the end of this session.

Departure information

Student Apartments - Please return your keys to the office at 89 Gibson Street by the end of your contract at 10am on Friday the 8th June unless you have made prior arrangements with office staff or have booked to stay over the summer. If you are leaving before the 8th June at a time when the office is closed please leave your keys with security staff at the University’s Main Gate. If you would like an envelope to put the keys in before giving them to the Main Gate please collect one from the office.

Lister House - Please put your keys in an envelope and use the letterbox of the office door at Lister House to return them.

Please remember to clean your room before you leave, remove all your rubbish and recycling to the appropriate bins outside. Don’t forget the food in your cupboard and the fridge freezer!

Confiscated items

If you have anything to collect from the office that was removed during flat inspections please make arrangements to do this.


If you need information and a reference for your next flat you can print a proof of address with contract dates from your accommodation account. Please log in and follow the links.

For a statement to prove you have paid your accommodation fees please contact Student Services in the Fraser Building. You can also email them.

British Heart Foundation

If you’ve any clothes, books or household items you don’t want to take away with you at the end of your accommodation contract the British Heart Foundation will be glad to take donations. Look out for the red donation bags or if you can’t see any we’ll be happy to provide them from the office.

BHF will be coming to collect the donations from Student Apartments and Lister House after the 8th June move out.


If you have a maintenance or repair request before you go you can let us know online, via email, by phone on 0141 330 6182 or in person at 89 Gibson Street or during Lister House office hours.


We will contact you if there are any damage charges to be added to your account.

Finally, if you have any questions before you go please contact us! We hope you have enjoyed your time in your accommodation this year and we wish you all the best for the summer.
Remember if you need any last minute help or advice out of normal staff office hours that LSAs are available during the evening. The office hour is 6.30pm – 7.30pm in the Student Apartment office at 89 Gibson Street and 6pm- 7pm at the Lister House office- alternatively you can phone the LSA mobile number listed on the poster in common areas. 

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