Fire Safety @ QM & WD

By sdopico 14 Oct 2016

Dear all, 

Many thanks for your co-operation with the Fire Drill this week! The Living Support Team greatly appreciates your co-operation in ensuring these run smoothly. So far there have been no fire activations and we also appreciate your diligence over fire safety in ensuring this is the case.

A few points I would like to remind you of to ensure we all continue to stay safe:

  1. Please ensure kitchen doors are kept closed at all times. These are Fire Doors and will offer great protection when closed should a fire break out in any room of the flat.
  2. In your kitchen you have a smoke detector which is an early alert of an issue with smoke building up. If this isolated detector goes off, please open windows (not kitchen door) to disperse of smoke. Should this smoke build up or the door be opened, there is a danger of the smoke detector in the hallway being alerted which would result in the Fire Service being called out. The second detector in your kitchen is a heat detector which is directly linked to the fire service and should not be alerted by smoke.

Finally, I hope you are settling in well with us. Please be assured that all office and Living Support staff are working to ensure you have an enjoyable experience living with us. If you need anything at all, please get in contact by calling into reception or dialling 8000.

Best wishes

Karen Morton



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