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Avoid these date night fails!

By BzAimee 12 Feb 2019

Going on a first date can be nerve-racking, so if you're in need of some advice to impress your date and hopefully secure a second, then you've come to the right place.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we've got 12 things you need to bear in mind - trust us, some of these are deal breaks, so you need to be on your best behaviour!

  1. Being late says you don't really care, or that you have somewhere better to be. Being on time is polite and bodes well for potential future dates.
  2. It's the first date, you probably don't know them that well, avoid the awkward situation of ordering peanut brownies for someone with a nut allergy and just don't order for them.
  3. Put the phone away, no one wants to be sitting with someone who is constantly staring at a screen. Want to check in with the group chat? Just wait until AFTER the date.

    ( ^^^ this guy's doing it all wrong - answers his phone AND is chewing with his mouth open!)

  4. Keep it simple and chilled - going bungee jumping with someone who is terrified of heights will never end well.
  5. If the date is a meal, remember your table manners because chewing with your mouth open is NOT attractive.
  6. Listen to what they are saying because asking what their name is halfway through the date is a massive no-no.

  7. Ask questions - be interested in what they are saying. Don't keep talking about yourself, give them a chance to tell you about themselves.
  8. Alcohol can help calm your nerves, but you don't want to have to look after someone who is too intoxicated especially on a first date.
  9. First impressions count so dress to impress (to suit the occasion) - don't turn up in a 3-piece suit for a coffee date or a tracksuit to a fancy dinner.

  10. You want to look and smell your best - brush your hair, brush your teeth, spray on your favourite scent - you know the drill.
  11. Keep your eyes on the prize (your date) and definitely don't flirt with the waiter/waitress or other people because it won't make your date feel very special. That's putting it nicely!
  12. Blurting out something insulting won't do you any favours so be sure to think before you speak. Tell them they look nice because everyone loves to receive compliments, and this will put you in the good books.

Now just smile, be confident and enjoy yourself - you've got this!