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Freshers' Week Events

By CGordon 10 Sep 2018

Freshers' Week has finally arrived! It's time to have some fun, get to know your neighbours and course-mates, and settle in before class starts.

We've got another week of FREE events happening across the residences, with activities running every evening, and opportunities to win some great prizes! Come along and join in the fun, whether you're taking a night off from partying, fancy something to do before heading to the Unions, or just want to get out of your room and meet some new people.

There'll be free drinks and snacks at all of our evening events, plus if you join in with our Halls Quiz your team could win a £50 West End gift card. Put it towards a meal out for your flat, drinks on Ashton Lane, or maybe some uni supplies! If your pair comes first in our Scavenger Hunt you could win a £20 Amazon Voucher each, or UofG Keep Cups if you come second.

Look for your residence below to see what's happening and when!

Murano Street Student Village

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