Glasgow Film Festival

By sdopico 26 Jan 2017

Glasgow Film Festival | 15-26 Feb

Film-buffs, the time to indulge yourself in the best cinema is here!

The CineMasters strand on this year’s festival includes works from Agnes Varda, Werner Herzog, Aki Kaurismäki and Terence Malik.

For a more challenging experience, check out the film tribute to the avant-garde cinema pioneer Jonas Mekas; the film ‘contains very few images and repeatedly fades to black’, I’m loving it already.

I’d also like to experience David Lynch’s Factory Photographs and La Jetée sonic response, but I’m still getting over my last time at the Glue Factory…Well, are you counting the days for the return of Twin Peaks? Go and see David Lynch: The Art of Life and don’t try to understand a thing.

Lastly, don’t miss Oliver Laxe’s Mimosas in the Pioneers strand, he’s a master in the making!

You can check the full programme and buy tickets online.

Get the GFT 15-25 card for £5.50 tickets all year round.


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