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How to maintain a positive mindset

By bzellie 12 Mar 2021

We all have life ambitions we want to achieve, but have you ever thought of 'happiness' as being one?

It may sound simple 'to be happy', but sometimes it can be hard to shake off other feelings to maintain a positive mindset. Especially if your Instagram timeline is filled with people posting about how great and happy their life is all the time.

Seeing as International Day of Happiness is just around the corner, we've got a few life tricks to help you shake those bad feelings and improve on that all-important positive mindset.


Here are 7 habits to take on to make happiness something that will soon come naturally:

1. Plan in advance
It's a bit difficult to plan things when we are in lockdown, but that doesn't mean you can't plan for zoom quizzes with your friends or family or organise a movie night with your flatmates. Having something to look forward to and fun will help you stay positive.

2. Wake up and go to sleep the same time every day
We can appreciate this may be difficult, especially because we can't go anywhere but try and wake up and go to sleep at the same time´╗┐ Monday - Friday. This will regulate your body clock making you feel more energised and will enhance your ability to focused - sounds good right?


3. Spread some positivity 
When you do something good for someone your brain produces hormones that makes it easier to build relationships, and in general, sends positive feelings all around. You could send something you've made in the post to a friend or bake brownies to share with your flatmates. Kindness is contagious and making someone else feel good will make you feel good too!

4. "Fall seven times and stand up eight"
When something knocks your confidence, it can feel like shots are being fired from all angles and everything and everyone is against you. Build yourself back up, learn from your mistakes and come back fighting, resilience is key at uni - you've got this.


5. You do you
Do things that make YOU happy, if that's dancing around your room with the music blasting, reading or painting, do more of this. If someone asks you to do something or asks for help that makes you feel anxious, it's ok to say no. Sometimes it necessary to put your own feelings before others, you don't want to be doing things that heighten your anxiety, so you do you.

6. Set yourself goals
Don't put yourself off difficult tasks, think of them more as a challenge and complete them first, it always helps if there's a chocolate bar waiting for you once you finish. Putting them off will just increase your stress and it will seem more daunting than it actually is.


7. Stay connected
You may be away from your friends and family so staying connected is so important. Whether it's a text message or a FaceTime, speaking to the people you love will be sure to boost your mood and theirs. If there are online groups or virtual events you can go to, join them, you never know you may enjoy it!


It's time to ´╗┐become the happiest version of yourself you can be, get rid of negative vibes and stay away from anyone who is bringing you down.

It's time for you to concentrate on your own wellbeing and happiness, not just for today but for the rest of the year. 


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