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KHR Weekly Update

By KMurdoch 06 Oct 2017

What's on in Kelvinhaugh Residences

Fan Servicing – Cairncross House - Only

From Monday 9th until Tuesday 10th October, our contractors Campbells will carry out fan servicing at Cairncross House. They will require access to the Kitchen areas only.   Please note you do not have to be present as access will be given via Reception at Cairncross House.

IWS Environmental Hygiene Services – Continues at Kelvinhaugh Gate

IWS will continue the monthly water checks on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 October 2017.   Please note that IWS will require access to your bedroom for your ensuite bathroom in addition to the kitchen.

Recycling Bins

It has been reported by the maintenance team that the refuse is not being put correctly into the bins located in the bin sheds.

For reference, here is what goes into each bin

  • Blue Bin  -    plastic bottles, tin cans, paper and cardboard only
  • Grey Bin  -   only food which has already been placed in recyclable food bags can be placed in this bin
  • Black Bin -   Glass Only

Please ensure that refuse is correctly put into the bins and not left at the side as it attracts unwanted visitors. Any bins that have rubbish which is not meant to be in it will not be recycled and unfortunately it will go in to landfill.

Mail Parcels

For Cairncross House residents remember to ask for Mail at reception desk; if there are no staff there please press the bell on the desk. Also check the parcel list on the wall next to the staff meet the team board.

For Kelvinhaugh Street and Kelvinhaugh Gate – mail will be delivered directly through you flat door letter box. If you are ordering any parcels please ensure you give them your correct postal address of your flat and not Cairncross House. If you are not in when the parcel is delivered the company will leave a card for you to contact them and arrange a suitable day for redelivery.

Please note that any mail/parcels that is not for anyone in your flat should be brought to reception at Cairncross House.

Student Services

Student Services can assist you if you have any enquiries about your Accommodation Fees/Rent, Direct Debits, Bank Letter or your MyCampus Account.

They can be contacted by Telephone: 0141 330 7000 or by Email:

Absences Overnight

Please remember to complete the absence form if you intend to be away overnight – forms are available at reception or with Security and form part of our Fire Roll Call procedures.

Please be aware that immediately after the drill, appropriate staff members will be entering flats to cross-check names of those not confirmed at Roll Call.


Please note that ALL bikes must be registered at Reception. No bikes should be tied up against railings, lamp posts or stored in flats. All bikes onsite should also be identifiable by a tag, which is issued by Reception upon registration.


We have our own dedicated maintenance team onsite; however, if Cairncross House Reception has not been notified, we cannot arrange for them to attend. You can report repairs by the following methods:

If the repair occurs outwith office hours (evening / weekend), please dial the following numbers from your bedroom phone:

Kelvinhaugh Gate: ext 7001

Cairncross House:   ext 7000

Kelvinhaugh Street: ext 3020

A member of the weekend team will arrange for maintenance to attend if required.

Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time.

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