Laundry @ MSSV

By KMurdoch 11 Nov 2016

Laundry facilities @ MSSV

There are currently 2 laundry facilities onsite here at MSSV – 1 in CSB and 1 in Cheviot.

Did you realise that Circuit have a really cool facility where you can log onto their website and see how busy the laundries are and when machines will be coming available? This saves you coming down and realising all the machines are occupied!

Circuit have also taken the time to create how to use videos to ensure that the machines are used correctly.

Are you aware that if there is a faulty machine, you can log the fault online, which will send the repair request straight to Circuit who will arrange for an engineer to attend.

There is a red sticker in both laundries onsite with the contact details and reference number for that specific laundry, which is handy information for when you have to report a fault!

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