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Let's start getting ready for uni!

By CGordon 16 Jul 2018

It's time to start getting excited about university...

Although it's a super exciting time (and maybe a little nervewracking) it's also time to start preparing yourself for a big lifestyle change.

To help get you prepared, we've made a list of things you should do to get ready for your new life at university:

  1. Join your hall Facebook
    As soon as you've figured out where you will be living, find and join your accommodation's Facebook page. There will be useful information on there to help you with your first few steps at uni, and you might be able to find some people you'll be living with.

    Murano Street Student Village
    Kelvinhaugh Residences (including Cairncross House, Kelvinhaugh Street, and Kelvinhaugh Gate)
    Queen Margaret Residences (including Queen Margaret Residences and Winton Drive)
    Student Apartments
    Maclay Residence
    Lister House
    Wolfson Hall

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  2. Work out a budget  
    Whether or not you have a student loan, grant, or your parents helping you out, it's important to work out a budget beforehand. It's far too easy to spend lots of money when you first get to uni and then find yourself living off one loaf of bread for a few weeks...

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  3. Get a student bank account
    You're going to need somewhere to put all that cash if you don't already have a bank account. Student accounts are made to help you figure out your money and they'll come with a nice overdraft for emergencies too. Spend wisely though!

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  4. Pay attention to arrivals info 
    You're going to get sent a lot of information about arrivals and it's important you pay attention to this so you know exactly what to do when you get there. You don't want to feel lost when you arrive...

    You can also check out our NewToUofG page here, where we'll be posting lots of how-to articles to help you find your feet at your new accommodation.

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  5. Look at getting a student bus pass or a Subway card
    Even if you're close to home, getting a bus pass or subway card is smart! You'll probably want to visit friends and if you don't have a car you'll need to take public transport.

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  6. Research the area 
    Unless you are super laid back and adventurous, you probably research a new country before you travel to it, so why wouldn't you research your new city? 

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  7. Buy the essentials
    You'll get information as to what's provided in your accommodation, but you don't want to forget things, so make a list. You might need a different size bedding to what you have at home and extra towels, so get shopping and ticking things off your list.

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  8. Get a check-up at the doctors
    Make sure you're in tip-top shape and have all your immunisations. It will save you a lot of time and hassle doing it before you get to uni. It's worth registering with a GP in your new city before you move because it's a lot of hassle to do when you're full of Freshers Flu!

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Excited for your new adventure at uni? Once this is done you can relax and put your feet up! 

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