Movie Nights @ Murano

By sdopico 13 Jan 2017

Know your Living Support Assistants? Those guys in the red hoodies helping you out in Murano? Well, now they are adding regular movie nights for you on a massive 120-inch projection screen!

To start off, these will be on for the next few Sundays at 7 PM in the Distraction Zone of the Main Building.  If they turn out to be popular, there may be special events like movie marathons! 

hannah horvath

There will be some snacks provided, but we’ll have to see how many of you show up to see if its enough, and may get more for the movie nights after. So feel free to bring your own snacks, and also blankets if you want to be extra cozy. Just remember, there’s no alcohol allowed in the Main Building (and hence the Distraction Zone).

coffee pulp fiction

So keep an eye on our facebook events to have the latest info, and hopefully see many of you there this Sunday :)

movies watched in 2015

Murano is our home, Murano is our community, let’s enjoy it!


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