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Murano Street Weekly Update (11 May)

By ACarruthers 11 May 2018

Notice To Quit

We do not need these handed into our office as they are for your information only.

National Student Housing Survey

Your feedback helps us to improve.  Tell us what you think at and you could win an iPad 9.7”, One of 25 Amazon vouchers worth £25, One of 30 supermarket vouchers worth £10. Complete the Survey at Reception to have a try at the Sanctuary Students Tombola. Should we get enough surveys to get Murano Street Student Village into the top 5 in the survey a pizza night will be held for the full site. Also for everyone who completes it will be issued with a token for the laundry to use in any machine.

Moving Out

Rooms and common areas that have rubbish left in them will be charged per bag.  Areas not cleaned will be charged accordingly.  See Table in the guide for prices.  All charges will be added to your My Campus account. 

Food Bank

If you have any unopened, non-perishable food that you wish to donate we will be happy to take it and send this to a Charity of our choice. You can donate this in the CSB Study Zone.

Feedback Forms

In your check out envelope, there is an end of term feedback form. Please complete and return with your keys – your feedback helps us improve Murano Street for next years residents.  


Tenant reference If you require a reference for accommodation please contact Residential Services on 0141 330 4743 or email as we are unable to provide this service at Reception. 

Food Recycling Bins

Please empty the food recycling bins in your flat weekly to prevent pests and keeping your kitchen hygienic. These small bins should be emptied into the food waste bins outside your block.

Bike Donation

Please remember to take your bike when departing.  If you wish to donate your bike please send us an email at so that we can donate it to charity.

Confiscated Items

Also, remember to contact our office 48 hours before you leave Murano Street to retrieve any confiscated items. We can only store these items for a limited period of time after you check out.


Bedroom telephone lines are no longer in use, if you need to contact our office to report a repair or for an emergency situation please dial 0141 895 3390. This is the number that you would dial if you require assistance from a member of our Living Support Assistant Team outwith our office opening times.


Also if you have been issued with a temporary key can this be returned to reception as soon as possible or it will cost £35 for a replacement.

Murano Street Student Village Block Doors

Please do not kick or damage any of our block doors on site.  These doors are in place to make your flat and bedrooms more secure.  Any issues with the block door damage will be referred to the Police for investigating. 

We hope you enjoyed your stay at Murano Street Student Village 

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