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Murano Street Weekly Update (12 October)

By ACarruthers 12 Oct 2018


The reception desk is open between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Call us from any telephone on 0141 895 3390 or by emailing or why not come and visit us in reception.

Living Support Team

Out of office hours the Living Support Team are on site to assist you with any problems. You can meet them at the reception desk between 6pm and 7pm or contact them on 0141 895 3390 between 6pm and 8am.


We have a security team on site 24/7 who are based in the Central Services Building and can be contacted by calling 0141 895 3390. Please do not hesitate to contact security if you have any concerns for your own safety or the safety of your fellow residents. This can include situations such as non-residents trying to access flats or invited guests who are refusing to leave.

Ensure that your bedroom door and flat door are locked behind you whenever you exit your room/flat as doors left unlocked pose a serious security risk.

If someone is uses the external intercom to contact you flat please do not grant access unless you are confident that the person is a resident of your block or verified delivery operative.


Mail and packages are not accepted at the reception desk. All mail will be delivered directly to your flat. Please check your room envelope or block notice board for your full address and post code please do not use 13 Caithness Street. Make sure you use the full address otherwise post may not be delivered, and remember to change your address when you move out.


Use the plastic tubs in your kitchen for recycling mixed waste and glass. You will find recycling points at the CSB. You can also recycle food waste at site. Our general waste bins are collected by Glasgow City Council on Mondays.

Also for your information unless any of the bins on site has a sign saying it is recycling then it will be a general waste bin.


All information regarding what’s on, access requirements for routine checks and inspections, etc. will be featured on UofGLiving. We will also email you with updates regarding your flat to your University email; make sure you check it regularly.

Murano Street Student Village Block Doors

Please do not kick or damage any of our block doors on site.  These doors are in place to make your flat and bedrooms more secure.  Any issues with the block door damage will be referred to the Police for investigating.


Bedroom telephone lines are no longer in use, if you need to contact our office to report a repair or for an emergency situation please dial 0141 895 3390. This is the number that you would dial if you require assistance from a member of our Living Support Assistant Team outwith our office opening times.


If you lost your key let us know as soon as possible, any lost keys there will be a £35 key recharge for a replacement, our office only takes cash payments only.

Bikes & Cars

If you have a bike on our site that has not been registered can you please do this as at our reception soon as possible.

Comment Cards

Please complete the comments card you received in your envelope and return it to our office.


Non-emergency repairs will be dealt with as soon as possible and could take up to 7 Days.


To access the cheviot laundry if you need the door entry code please come to reception if our reception is closed please contact security who can assist.

There will be a laundry upgrade in the cheviot laundry soon, we will provide updates on this in due course.

We also do not have any money to change kept at our reception.

Hygiene products are also now available in the Central Services Building female toilets.

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