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Murano Street Weekly Update (20 November)

By Scampbell 20 Nov 2020


Just to remind you that the Central Services Building is open between 8am-6pm Monday- Friday. We also have Security and Living Support team on site out of hours. You can either visit the site or phone 0141 895 3390. Please do not visit CSB if you are isolating or have symptoms of COVID.

You can email and this is monitored within office hours.


If you are leaving site for Christmas, please email us your leaving and return date.


Flat inspections have started.  Emails will be sent confirming the date the inspections will take place in your flat. 

Fire Exits

Please ensure that hallways are clear of all obstacles including chairs, boxes and rubbish. Hallways are a means of escape should there be a fire activation and a clear route is essential.


Our internal Estates Team are currently working through repairs in priority order. Please make sure that when reporting a repair you give as much information as possible. If our Estates Team cannot fix the repair it will be passed to our External Contractors and we will contact you via email to let you know the status of the repair.

Repairs can be reported by visiting site, phone or email. You can also use the link below:

General Waste/Recycling

All rubbish from your flat should be taken to the external bins. Please do not leave rubbish in stairwells. We ask that you use the recycling bins in your kitchen to recycle as much as possible. Please remove all Halloween decorations and pumpkins.

We are aware of the limited amount of recycling bins on site. We are working with City of Glasgow Council to increase the amount of recycling bins outside blocks. Please make use of recycle bins across the whole site and not just those closest to your flat.

Bikes & Cars

All bikes on site should be registered with the office and kept in the bike sheds or designated spaces on site.  No bikes should be kept on stairways or in flats or bedrooms.

If you haven’t already registered your bike/car with us done so already, you can email Please provide us with your name/ student ID number and a description of the bike/car.  You can collect your bike tag from CSB. We will email when the car registrations are ready. If you have emailed us, your car is already registered and can park it on site. Please use parking bays provided on site.

Accommodation Services 

Accommodation Services can assist you if you have any questions or queries about your accommodation. 

You can contact them via phone 0141 330 4743 or email  

You can also contact Student Services via phone 0141 330 7000 or email