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Murano Street Weekly Update (21 January)


Murano Street Weekly Update (21 January)

By Scampbell 21 Jan 2020

Register Bike & Car

In order to have a car or bike on the campus you need to register them at reception (Central Service Building) then clearly display badges.  Bikes must only be kept in the designated bike shed.  Cars must only be parked in designated car park spaces and not on the main road as this causes an obstruction and blocks access.

Removal of decorations

Can you please remove all Christmas decorations from flats.


Please ensure all rubbish is disposed of in the appropriate bins. If the bin is full outside your flat please use an alternative bin on site. Do not leave bin bags lying outside the flats.


As stated on the recycling bins black bags are not allowed.  Please empty recycling into the Viridor bins directly without black bags.  Each bin is marked with what items are for each bin.


  • Chinese New Year - Saturday 25th January 2020
  • Burns Night – Saturday 25th January 2020

Noise complaints

Please ensure noise levels are kept to a minimum late at night. As we are in a residential area please be respectful to others and fellow students.


We have a security team on site 24/7 who are based in the Central Services Building and can be contacted by calling 0141 895 3390. Please do not hesitate to contact security if you have any concerns for your own safety or the safety of your fellow residents. This can include situations such as non-residents trying to access flats or invited guests who are refusing to leave.

It has been noticed that a high number of bedroom doors are being left open. Please ensure that your bedroom door and flat door are locked behind you whenever you exit your room/flat as doors left unlocked pose a serious security risk. If someone uses the external intercom to contact you flat please do not grant access unless you are confident that the person is a resident of your block or verified delivery operative.

Reception Opening Hours

The reception desk is open between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Call us from any telephone on 0141 895 3390 or by emailing or why not come and visit us in reception.


Repairs can be reported either at the office or online using the below link. 

Non-emergency repairs will be dealt with as soon as possible and could take up to 7 Days.

Distraction Zone

Is open daily and available 24/7.


Murano Street Student Village is a NON-SMOKING residence.  Smoking is not allowed in flats or bedrooms.  For your convenience, ash bins are located outside throughout the estate for your use during your stay.


Extra furniture items are not allowed on site.  A charge will be applicable if we have to arrange for the furniture items to be removed.

Living Support Team

Out of office hours the Living Support Team are on site to assist you with any problems. You can meet them at the reception desk between 6pm and 7pm or contact them on 0141 895 3390 between 6pm and 8am.


Mail and packages are not accepted at the reception desk. All mail will be delivered directly to your flat. Please check your room envelope or block notice board for your full address and post code please do not use 13 Caithness Street. Make sure you use the full address otherwise post may not be delivered, and remember to change your address when you move out.

Amazon locker is on site in the study zone, it’s named “BEEF”


If you are having a guest to stay in your flat they must be registered at the central services building. Any damage caused by visitors will be the responsibility of the flat.

Quote of the week

The first month of the year,
A perfect time to start all over again,
Changing energies and deserting old moods,
New beginnings, new attitudes”
― Charmaine J Forde

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