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Murano Weekly Newsletter

By ACarruthers 10 Nov 2017

Welcome to Your Weekly Murano Newsletter - Check out what's happening at your site below.

Christmas Charity Donations

Please donate a Christmas Advent Calendar or Selection Box for Women’s Aid & Sense Scotland Charities.

Items can be dropped off at the Reception area in the Central Services Building or you can donate £1 and we will purchase the items for you.

Movie Nights every Sunday @7pm

Come join your fellow Murano residents and relax in front of the huge 120-inch projection screen. Your Living Support Team host movies every Sunday at 7pm in the Distraction Zone (Central Services Building). Free drinks and snacks are provided, or you can bring your own. Find out more on the Facebook event page -

Room Inspections

Murano Street Flat/Bedroom Inspections have started; please remember to check the banned items list which is displayed on the noticeboard in each block and make sure you don’t have any of the listed items in your flat.


Our Estates team are currently working through repairs in order of priority. When submitting your repair request, please ensure you provide sufficient detail so that the Estates team can resolve the issue within 7 days.

Contractor News

Our contractors Valley Electrical are still carrying out electrical repairs in Ochil & Lammermuir. You will receive an email update regarding any disruption to your electrical supply in the coming weeks.

Also, our contractors Ellis will be attending on Monday 13 November until Friday 17 November to swap the table legs in the kitchens in Ochil & Lammermuir so please ensure your kitchens are clear to allow access/work to be carried out

Fire Risk Assessments

Please note that a Sanctuary Maintenance Surveyor will be carrying out Fire Risk Assessments in blocks 8 & 10 Lomond & 12 & 14 Lennox commencing Monday 13 November.

Whilst the Surveyor is on site access will be required to both communal and bedroom areas.

Recycling Bins

Can we kindly ask you to ensure you are using correct bins when disposing of rubbish, otherwise the bins will not be collected.

Treat doors with respect

Please refrain from kicking any of the doors on site, all block doors are monitored.

Cooking Practices

For Health & Safety reasons please refrain from using Tin-Foil or using the bottom shelf of the oven in the cooker in your flat to cook.

Murano Scavenger Hunt

Grab your camera or your phone and join the Living Support Team for a cheeky Murano-Themed Scavenger Hunt!

Register at reception on Saturday 11th  November at 1pm Prizes included.

For more details about this event, visit

Message from the GU Red Alert Society

Red Alert is having a Washbag Appeal from Monday November 20th until Friday December 1st. The appeal urges the UofG community to donate washbags containing a variety of essential women’s hygiene products. The washbags will be donated to the Simon Community in Govanhill, where they will be distributed to homeless women joining them.

All information, including details on what to include in the washbags, can be found on the Red Alert Facebook page: GU Red Alert Society. Also feel free to send us a message through the Facebook page if you have a specific question! The filled washbags can be donated in the assigned box in the Murano Central Services building or at other points around the University.

Your contribution would be highly appreciated and could make a real difference to someone’s wellbeing!

Thanks for reading
Your Murano Management Team

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