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Nightline are all ears

By CGordon 18 Nov 2019

Going through a difficult time? Feel like you want to get something off your chest, but can’t talk to anyone? Nightline is here to listen to any student about anything that is on their mind.

What is Nightline?

Nightline is an anonymous and confidential student run listening service available for students at the University of Glasgow. Our volunteers are trained in active listening and can provide emotional support for whatever is issues students may be facing while at university. Whether you’re worried about finances, going through a bad break up, or just need a friendly voice to be there for you, Nightline is here to listen, not to lecture.

What can Nightline help students with?

Nightline provides non-directive support. This means that we’ll never tell you what to do. Instead, we’ll be there to help you figure out your situation for yourself and provide empathetic support whenever you call us. Examples of reasons students call us includes academic and stress, feeling lonely, needing someone to talk to when walking home alone, to even personal and family issues. Nightline is there whenever you feel like you can’t talk to anyone else. We’ll never judge you. Instead, we’ll be there with you whenever you need us.

How can students access Nightline?

Nightline is open from 7pm-7am Monday to Friday during term times. We run a phone and instant message service giving you the options on how you wish to contact us. Whether you want to hear a friendly voice over the phone, or if you just want to send us a text, we have volunteers available 12 hours per night to offer support.

We also run an email service, in case you just want to get all your thoughts out at once, or if you can’t contact us during our open hours. We reply to all emails within 48 hours, and this can be particularly helpful for students who are going on study abroad.

You can get in touch with us using any of the following mediums:

Phone: 0141 334 9516
IM: www.gunightline.org/
Email: asknightline@glasgowstudent.net

Check out our next articles in this series where we’ll be discussing how you can get involved with Nightline, and more about how you can get in touch with us. Whatever is going on, Nightline is always here for students.