Phyo's blog: New year, new top tips

By PhyoBlogger 06 Jan 2017

Happy New Year to you all! 

To start off 2017, I want to give you all some tips concerning study, beauty and some places I went for a visit during the holidays.


For students who do a science masters degree, I believe almost all of you will encounter statistics. For me, I tried watching some videos on youtube but I found the most useful is reading a statistics book. In our library, there are a lot of statistics books. I looked for some easy ones first and I found this way was most efficient because I get all the ideas together first. If you have a reading list for your course and cannot find the books in library, you can meet with or email your college librarian about the books you need which can save you some money. But sometimes, you might need to buy some books.


My home town temperature is average above 25 degree Celsius. So when I first arrived in Glasgow, my skin began to peel and my face was red and sore due to the cold. I tried using some intense rich moisturiser brands but I noticed that the moisturiser alone does not work. At last, I applied some olive oil to the skin- it works and is also quite cheap and easy! My friend suffers from the same skin condition as me and her hands were so red and dry- she tried it and it really works!


I felt homesick before the end of the first semester and I wrote in my previous blog how I overcame that. I spent the holidays with my friends and we visited London. It was 3 nights and 4 days travel. You won’t believe...

TOP TIP: The flight fare was so much cheaper than the train fare so we went to London by flight- it was £60 for a return flight compared to when we checked the train price which was £165 for one way!

In London, one-day travel by bus and underground tube will cost £12. We visited the Queen Art Gallery and Buckingham Palace. Next day we went on the Shakespeare Globe Theatre tour. It was wonderful! The tour guide explained clearly and we all had fun. We all wanted to see a play but there are no plays in the winter, they start the plays only in April. I do recommend this tour. We also went to the Tower of London and St. Paul Cathedral. On our third day of travelling, we had a tour of The British Museum and Science Museum. I do recommend British Museum. We did not have enough time to see other museums but we had a great time!

Anyway, our trip made us feel refreshed and now we are ready for second semester.


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