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QMR Weekly Update (2 November)

By SMowat 30 Oct 2018


Come down to the lounge on Weds 31st October from 7pm and watch some scary movies, eat some scary snacks and join in the pumpkin carving competition – if you don’t the ghosties will get you.

Fireworks at Glasgow Green

Put a bit of and spark into your week next week and head to Glasgow Green for their famous Fireworks Display on Monday 5th November.  We have a bus leaving the residence at 6pm and will be returning at 9pm.  You can book your free ticket at

Guidelines for doing laundry

On the next page of this update, please see our handy tips guide for doing laundry – it is helpful and may answer some of the queries that we often get asked.  Also you will need the exact change to put in the washers and dryers.  Please note the machines don’t take 5 pence pieces.  The ideal change to have would be pound coins and 20 pence pieces.

Access to Rooms

Please note that the University (or persons acting within the authority of the University) will normally give at least 24 hours prior notice of its intention to carry out such inspections or works except in the case of emergency where no such notice will be required.

Bertie the QMR Bear

Has anyone seen our QMR mascot Bertie – he’s our big snuggly teddy bear that we’ve had in the main building for years but he’s gone missing and we’re all really worried about him in the office.  If you have any ideas to his whereabouts please let us know – his porridge is getting very cold.

Maintenance Repairs

If anything in your flat is not working as it should please notify us at reception as soon as you notice it, especially heating and hot water repairs, the earlier in the day you let us know the quicker we can get it fixed.  Please remember you can also report urgent repairs out of hours by calling and speaking to one of the Living Support Assistants on Extn 8000 from your bedroom phone.

Bike Sheds

Can everyone please make sure that all bikes are registered at reception and stored in provided bike sheds and make sure no bikes are attached to fences, poles or railings. Thank you.

Guidelines for doing laundry

  1.  Fill the machine half to two thirds full (anything more or less can cause the machine to not work as it should)
  2. If the items aren’t spun properly they won’t dry fully even when you put them in the dryer.
  3. When you are using the dryer, take the dry/lighter items out after about 20 mins as this will give more space for the bulkier items to dry.
  4. When washing your duvet covers, do the buttons up first and this will stop your other stuff getting caught up inside it.
  5. Try to wash heavier items together and lighter items together.
  6. Temperature guide for the washing machine:-

‘Whites’ setting is high temperature

‘Permanent Press’ is medium temperature

‘Colours’ is low temperature and

‘Delicates’ is low temperature.

Below is a guide of the spin speed for the machines based on the buttons on the front of the machine, therefore using the middle and right hand setting on the bottom row will only spin your washing at a low speed:-

1400rpm 1400rpm   1400rpm
1000rpm    750rpm   750rpm

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