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QUIZ: What type of housemate will you be?

By BzAimee 25 Jan 2017

Since you came to university, you might have noticed people in your flat start to take on certain roles...

Whether they're the life and soul of the party, the person that keeps everyone in order or, the person that causes the mess, it's when you get into your second-year house that these family dynamics really start to take shape.

You might be in an all girl, all boy, or mixed house, but the rules still apply. Let us predict the future and see which you're destined to be!

  1. Someone steals your milk without asking, you...
    a) Go and buy more
    b) Shrug - you've borrowed their's before
    c) Don't even notice
    d) Write a passive aggressive note warning them off
    cold milk
  2. You're freezing in bed because the heating isn't on. What do you do?
    Get up, turn it on, and make a cuppa 
    b) Throw on a jumper and some joggers 
    c) Lay there cold and pray someone else will turn it on
    d) Get up and out of bed to seize the day
  3. What's a typical hand in day?
    Print the night before and walk with your friends to hand in
    b) An all-nighter, a day in bed and a big celebratory night out 
    c) A quick rush to hand in 2 minutes before the deadline
    d) A week before the deadline...
  4. It's loan drop day!!
    swag money blackish rich make it rain
    Time to plan the monthly budget
    You can finally buy that jacket you've wanted for weeks
     Food shopping splurge!
    Hello Amazon wishlist
  5. You've cooked after a long day and are ready for bed. What about the washing up?
    You did it as you went along
    b) You'll do it in the morning
    Leave it for someone else
     Get up and force yourself 
  6. You've just got home after a big night out, you...
    Go straight to bed with a glass of water
    Bring all your friends back for more beverages
    Order a takeaway
    Make tea and toast then head to bed 

Mostly a's -  Mr/Miss responsible 

You're the sensible one. You'll look after everyone and everything, from doing the tidying, to the bills, to providing the after-night-out consolidation and snacks. You will be appreciated for it - even if it's not always obvious.

Mostly b's - Out-all-night

The rebel teenager. You're always up for a good time - great when it comes to those celebratory nights out, but you have to be told when to calm it (and go to bed) sometimes. You always get things done (essays, tidying, etc) just in your own time.

Mostly c's - The lazy one

As the child of the house, you're the one who'll wait for things to get done, even if you see them getting out of hand. You're the person people go to, to relax with after a stressful day as you're guaranteed to be snuggled watching the telly.

Mostly d's - Sensible studier

You're at uni for one thing, which means studying comes before most things. If something's going wrong in the house you'll probably find it easier to leave than sort it. Off the library you go!

Despite what they say, opposites don't always attract. This means there are times where you have to be respectful and even do something uncharacteristic once in a while! 

Because where things, like washing up and tidying your room, can wait, others like bills can't and can put stress on the whole house.

With Glide you can pick 'n' mix the services you want and bundle them into one monthly payment - so everyone is responsible for their own share of the bills.

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