Report a Repair @ KHR

By ABrown 24 Nov 2016

Broken window? Snapped chair leg? Sink blocked? Take responsibility for reporting any repairs or breakages and don’t just leave it for others...

You can report a repair at reception, over the phone by calling 7000 (8am-6pm) from your room phone, by emailing or online at this site.

If your repair is an emergency outwith Office hours (6pm until 8am), please dial the numbers below which are applicable to your site:

Cairncross House   7000

Kelvinhaugh Gate   7001

Kelvinhaugh Street 3020

If you are planning to phone/email in your repair, please supply us with as much information as possible about the problem - what needs repairing, what is wrong with it and where is it located?

If our Estates Officers are unable to complete the repair we will ask our contractor to attend. We will email you in the first instance and regularly keep you up to date on the progress of a repair, but please be patient as things may take time.


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