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Review: Mono Café Bar

By HazelBlogger 14 Feb 2018

Want to relax after hours of walking around the crowded city centre or after an energizing walk around Glasgow Green?

Swing by Mono to discover new music while sipping down their homemade lemonades (alcohol also available) and enjoying the welcoming service. The café is home to Monorail Music, a quaint shop selling records from contemporary to old classics. Suitable for the solo traveller or the chatty group of friends.

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MONO 🙏🏻 Plattenladen Heaven #glasgow

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Mono caters vegan food…but, hold on before you click away! Even if you are a meat-lover, give this café a try. Trust me, I like my meats too. I did not venture into this restaurant because it was vegan, but because it had good reviews. Nonetheless, Mono is a good place to explore vegan foods that taste good.
I have always enjoyed tasting new edibles - from haggis to fried worms. With Glasgow being extremely welcoming to vegetarians and vegans, why not experiment a bit and give those foods a try?

Armed with a book, I ordered a falafel burger and ended with a cup of hot chocolate. Bonus for me: my chocolate was free; the waiter forgot and made the drink late (which I did not notice, but this student is not complaining). 

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This was amazing #vegan #seitan #burgers #foodie

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The choice to cut out the entire meat group is a daunting one. Some do it for animal rights, others for health, others still for the environment. It also makes your bank account happy - vegetables are way cheaper. My expertise limits me to the environment, so below is an acronym I made up about the impacts of meat consumption:

  1. Waste: Animals produce waste that gets dumped into lochs, emanating unpleasant stenches and toxifying our environment.
  2. Resources: Livestock uses the most land in the world, one-third of all crops grown are fed to them, and their maintenance requires huge supplies of water and energy.
  3. Air Pollution: Forests are cleared for pastures to make way for more livestock (mainly cows) that belch out greenhouse gases more harmful than CO2 – all contributing to the ever-present climate change situation.
  4. Proportion: Livestock highly inefficient at converting what they eat to meat. Chicken being one of the better ones requires 2 kg of feed to 1 kg of meat. Cows can require up to 20 kg of feed for just 1 kg of beef!

So remember WRAP and hop by Mono to be pleasantly surprised. To top it off, walk just the corner to Once Upon a Tart for a sweet treat - it's a perfect place to take a date if you're feeling romantic but don't have loads of spare cash!

Mono Café Bar: 12 Kings Court, G1 5RB


HazelBlogger is from Minnesota and is studying at UofG for a semester abroad.
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