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Saika's Blog: 'People make Glasgow'

By UofGBlogger 18 Sep 2019

Going to study aboard for the first time is always going to be stressful and that fact I'll be alone in an unknown place is also not the easiest thing in the world. But it's going to be such a great experience for me and I'm all packed ready to go...

So my journey began, thanks to the airline I arrived at Glasgow safely, unfortunately, there was a long queue at the immigration, due to the international students' welcome week and I missed my scheduled bus offered by UofG Welcome Team. However, this was not an issue, the team organised a taxi for myself and the other two students who also missed the bus. It was great to see the sights of Glasgow during the taxi ride, on the way a poster caught my eye which had a written slogan saying 'People make Glasgow' and this is something that I've really thought about.

After dropping the other students off I was left in the taxi on the way to my destination - Lister House. Upon arrival, I found there was no one there to welcome me and the doors were locked...I didn't read my pre-arrival email to find the instructions and at this point, I didn't have my UK sim in my phone yet. I noticed a letter sticking to the door which had the Welcome Team's number on it, I asked the taxi driver if I could use his phone to call and he kindly helped me ring the team. Not only did he let me use his phone but he waited with me until someone from the Welcome Team arrived, who then showed me to my new room.

After this rocky start, I realised this is how people make Glasgow a better place, I am overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity.

My tips for the day;

  • Be positive and be brave
  • Ask for help

It's a big change being in a different country, and evidently Google maps feels the same, it had no idea where I was or any idea about all the slippery hilly roads. For Bangladeshi people, rainy season tends to be more romantic and creative weather for writing poems and novels, so from that point of view, Glasgow has the world's most romantic weather! Ready with my umbrella, I started my walk to the university, it wasn't long until I got lost and had no idea where I was heading. 

After an hour of wandering around, I finally got to the university, a journey that should have taken me 25 minutes ended up 1 hour and I felt like I was in the 90's movie 'Baby's day out'. After my tip for the first day 'ask for help' I plucked up the courage to ask passers-by the direction to the university, everyone was so helpful, some even walked with me to the correct road, thanks to them I managed to reach the uni.

I did, unfortunately, miss my appointment but someone from UofG was extremely helpful and I was able to collect my BRP and student card. Returning home was obviously a lot quicker, and although it wasn't the perfect day I experienced a lot of things that again boosted my confidence levels. Like I said before, 'People make Glasgow' and that really showed today, good people still exist and we need to find them and practice goodness among ourselves. 

Tips for the day;

  • Ask for help
  • Always remember an umbrella and trusted shoes
  • Time take to reach newer places

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