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Student Apartments and Lister House Weekly Update (12 April)

By LYoung 12 Apr 2019


ChemTech will be carrying out the monthly water temperature checks and shower head disinfecting at 2-5 and 8 & 9 Southpark Terrace on Tuesday the 16th April.

We will email you when access is required for repairs or regular checks and tests that we need to carry out so please check your emails regularly for the latest information about upcoming maintenance work.  If you have reported a repair and it has not been fixed within the timeframe you expected please contact us for an update.

Please report any repair or maintenance issues to us online, by email, phone 0141 330 6182 or in person at the office at 89 Gibson Street.

**Remember if you need an urgent repair outside office hours- in the evening or over the weekend- you can contact the Living Support team or security staff at the University’s Main Gate using the details on communal noticeboards**

Social Events

Look out for the Easter Egg Hunt coming soon- posters and social media clues will be available over the coming week!

The Student Apartments LSA team will be hosting a quiz night at the end of the month- more details to follow.

If you have ideas or suggestions for social events in your area please contact the LSA team. Remember to check out What’s On April for ideas. 

Crisp packet recycling!

The office at 89 Gibson Street will take all brands of crisp packets for recycling with TerraCycle. No need to wash them, just flatten (no triangles please) and hand them in. Once collected they will be cleaned and used create new recycled products! Every little bit helps.


There’s still time to complete the National Housing Survey with a chance to win in the prize draw. 

Office and Living Support

If you have any questions about your accommodation at Student Apartments please email us, call us on 0141 330 6182 or stop by the office at 89 Gibson Street and speak to Fiona, Chris or Liz between 8am- 5pm Monday- Friday.

Living Support Assistants (LSAs) are available to provide support outside office hours at Student Apartments every evening from 6.30pm – 8am weekdays and all weekend. The office hour is 6.30pm – 7.30pm in the Student Apartments office at 89 Gibson Street, alternatively you can phone the LSA mobile on 07530002929. Our Senior Living Support Assistant is Erik and the rest of the team are Petras, Matthew, Luca and Shi Pei. 

For Lister House the office is open 9:30am- 12noon Tuesdays and Thursdays. Outside these times you can contact us on campus using the details above for Student Apartments. The LSAs at Lister House can be contacted during their office hour between 6- 7pm in the Lister House office or you can call them on the 07970950113. Our LSAs at Lister House are Ferhat, Anwer and Brandon. 

Finally, a wee request, please don’t put coat hooks over your bedroom fire doors. We ask this for fire safety reasons as they could impede your exit in an emergency, thank you.

Have a good week.

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