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Teacher AND Cricket training...

By UofGAthleteElizabeth 12 Feb 2016

The first time I stepped foot in Glasgow was when I came through for my interview for the University of Glasgow for PGDE course (teacher training).

I suppose this was primarily due to living over 4 hours away and only ever travelling to the central belt to attend national squad cricket training sessions in Edinburgh.
The next time I would step foot in Glasgow would be the day that I moved into Kelvinhaugh Gate residences.

Having just graduated from the University of Dundee in 2015 I can remember very well what it was like to be a crazy care free fresher, which I suppose everyone should experience at some point during their university lives. However, as I had already experienced this just over 4 years ago, this is perhaps why I did not apply to private residences. I knew that if I did, there was a high chance I would be placed in a block of flats that had wild freshers' living in them. I also doubted that they would want an older mature student being a killjoy and ruining their fun by constantly complaining about their antics!

Since moving to Glasgow, I have found out that a few of my course mates did move into private halls, and so were put in blocks of flats shared with 1
st years. They have had to log a few noise complaints about the flats surrounding them and have false fire evacuations at random times during the night.

Instead, I applied through the university accommodation services and had the opportunity to choose 5 options all of which would ensure I was living in postgraduate accommodation with people of similar age, on a similar course and I could chose the gender preference of my flatmates. Before completing the application, I rang up the accommodation services to ensure that I would be put in a flat with likewise female trainee teachers.

This was an important aspect when choosing accommodation for me. Reason being I would be in completely new surroundings and would prefer to be with others who were in the same boat and so would have other individuals to explore the city with.
Knowing that I would be sharing a flat with other female trainee teachers, I suddenly realised that if we were all running on the same schedule there would be problems with sharing a bathroom. What better way to solve this problem than applying for an accommodation that offers ensuite bathrooms!

Being a course that ran from August through to May, so nearly 10 months, I didn’t want to have to take a year’s lease on a privately rented flat nor did I have a clue about where to start to look or areas to live in around Glasgow. University residences offered me the option to choose a safe and secure accommodation in a great location convenient for both university and access to town.

As I have to travel through to Edinburgh a lot for cricket training and going on different teaching placements around Glasgow, I really needed to take my car with me to university for the year, so I was glad to read that they offered parking facilities at the Kelvinhaugh Gate. Another bonus about moving into university accommodation was that I didn’t have to worry about paying bills of any kind as they are all included in the cost (although you do have to pay for a TV licence if you wish to watch TV). All of this made the moving process less stressful as I didn’t really have anything to worry about. The best thing I would say about living in university accommodation is that if there are any problems, there is always someone available to contact and they would try to resolve the situation. From my previous experience of privately renting accommodation, I had experienced boiler and washing machine problems that took my landlord weeks to sort out. However, in university accommodation any problems we have had have been fixed within the day, so they do offer a pretty good and reliable service!

Not only are all bills included, but also a gym membership to the new Stevenson building. However, I shall talk about this more in my next instalment...!

- Elizabeth


UofGAthleteElizabeth is started playing cricket at the age of 8. I have since gone on to achieve 43 senior caps to date, and played against teams such as Japan, Canada, Thailand, Ireland, Netherlands, England Dev XI, as well as competing in the ECB County Championships each summer.
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