Today's Menu In Food For Thought, Fraser Building.

By PBrown 22 Feb 2017

                   Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Parsnip & butterbean soup    VG

Smoked paprika coley with ratatouille vegetables

Beef chilli con carne with rice and tortilla chips  RT

Vegetable haggis bake with peppercorn sauce   VG

Baked potato with Spanish chicken casserole  H

Meal deal - Thai green chicken curry with stir fry veg & rice  served with a Mr Kon or Hosan soft drink   Staff/Visitor   £5.70    Student £ 4.75  H

For allergen information – please refer to the allergen folder on site or visit our website:

VG = Vegan    H = Halal     RT = Red Tractor


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