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UofG Athletes: Meet Cameron

By CameronBlogger 23 Jan 2018

Rugby is one of those things where you either love it or you hate it.

To some, it’s the most boring sport in the world that stops and starts too much to enjoy. To others, its like air, they live and breathe it and spends their lives looking to when the next match is.

For myself, I of course fall in the latter of the two categories mentioned. Although I wouldn’t say that I live and breathe the game because too much rugby can often be off-putting especially as a player! I feel us players need to enjoy our time away from rugby just as much as our time engulfed in the sport.

The online websites the university provides, allows busy athletes to keep up to date with incoming information even when lectures are missed due to practice. If I could give one tip to a fresher who is a busy athlete it would be to learn to utilise the online resources, we are provided with.

University social culture is very helpful for allowing us athletes to enjoy the time away from our sports, especially when most of my friends are rugby players themselves. Having a core group of mates who are in similar positions to myself makes it easy to get advice on balancing studies, this is extremely useful during exam periods.

The club mainly puts emphasis on hard work and socialising; with social events every Wednesday there is never a dull moment. Joining the club has been great for making connections with others in my situation and has allowed me to develop a solid network of pals I can have a beer with now and again and gain useful advice.

A highlight during my time at the club must be our tour down to Leeds which was a great way to get integrated into the club and really get to know my teammates. Overall, rugby as a sport is not only been great for physical fitness but also for the social aspect of the game. 

It is never too late to pick up the sport, either seriously or just to have a laugh. That’s what’s great about the sport - it doesn’t matter how good you are because you can always have a laugh socialising after a match.

So, my advice would be to get down to your local club team or university team and don’t be afraid to give it a go.