Why sex is like tea...

By BzBarlow 25 Nov 2016

It’s time to be sure you are making the right choices...

Despite all the rumours that go around about everyone having sex ALL the time at university and especially Freshers' Week, this is not true. What you do or don't do is entirely up to you and you should definitely not feel pressured into anything - your body, your life!

However, with your new found freedom and student lifestyle, sex isn't something you can ignore. Regardless of the situation, whether it's in a relationship or just for one night, it's worth keeping this in mind...


Remember the good old condom is the only form of contraception which protects you from pregnancy and STIs.

You can pick up FREE CONDOMS at your residence, look for them at the Common Room or Reception Area. 

If you do end up having unprotected sex, don’t suffer in silence! Emergency contraception is available for free from family planning clinics and GUM clinics or to buy from most pharmacies.


Being a student can often go hand in hand with the urge to fit in and be accepted. However, sex is hugely personal and no one should be pressured into anything they are not comfortable with.

It's important to remember it's equally acceptable to say no to sex if you're not feeling it. And, if someone isn't sure or doesn't want to then you have to respect that. If someone isn't capable of making that decision because they're too drunk then leave it for when they can make that call - you both want to remember it for the right reasons.


You may be picky but STIs aren’t, you never know who may have one.

It’s useful to know that tests for the most common infections such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea simply involve a urine sample or cotton wool swab. Quick, easy and pain free. Even if you are symptom-free its worth getting tested.

Keep Safe!

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