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Accommodation Online

By sdopico 07 Dec 2016

Did you know?

You can use your online Accommodation portal throughout the year to manage your stay as well as to print off those VERY important documents you are VERY likely to need.

Accommodation Online lets you…

  1. Book Pre-Term Accommodation: Arriving early? Just go online and book the extra days.
  2. Print a Police Letter: International Student? You might need one of these!
  3. Print a Proof of Address Letter: You may need a proof of address letter when registering with the   NHS, opening a bank account or as a reference for new landlords. 
  4. Early Departure Form: Leaving earlier than expected? Let us know!
  5. Book Summer Extension: Thinking about staying on to experience the gorgeous Glaswegian summer? :) Just book!

How to Access

You can log in to your accommodation portal in 2 ways:


  • By logging into MyGlasgow and clicking on the 'Accommodation' link on the left-hand side.

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