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Additional support for students in UofG residences

By Scampbell 26 Sep 2020

The current situation regarding the Covid-19 outbreak residences is proving hugely challenging and we’re aware of the significant burden being shouldered by everyone living in University accommodation.

This isn’t the start of your academic life that we would have wished for, and we certainly do not take lightly the enormous sacrifices you are making at this time.

We are still experiencing significant numbers of positive cases and there are many people self-isolating. Whilst comprehensive testing is in place and the situation will improve, we do require the support of all students to observe self-isolation guidance where appropriate. There is more information and advice about these measures on our website.

To help make life slightly easier, we are offering a number of measures to help alleviate the financial impact this situation might be causing, as well as making it easier to access food and other supplies.

For all students in residences (whether isolating or not) we are offering:

  • A four-week rent rebate, in recognition of the difficult circumstances you are living under;
  • £50 which we encourage you to spend on takeaway food deliveries from local restaurants and food outlets;
  • Inviting mobile food outlets to come to residences.

We are also extending the support for students who are isolating, by:

  • Visiting all flats with students who are isolating today to ask if you need additional food and other necessities as well as support on medical and wellbeing issues;
  • Providing food parcels to all those who need them in flats that are isolating;
  • Provide clothes washing materials to students in flats that are isolating;
  • Provide fresh bedding and towels to students in flats that are isolating if they are needed.

Support staff will be dropping by every residence to check on your wellbeing, but we also have health and wellbeing resources available via our Support & Wellbeing webpages that you might wish to refer to.

If you require additional support, or have questions, please contact your local Living Support Assistant team.

We're here to support you through this time. Please keep an eye out for future communications as we continue to update you in the coming days.