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Brooke House (Dumfries) FAQs

By Scampbell 10 Aug 2021

How close in the Residence to the University?

Approximately 10 mins walk (medium walking speed) to the Dumfries campus and a 5 min walk to the town centre.

Is there a bus that goes to the University from the Residence?

There is no direct bus from the residence to the campus, although you can get a bus from the town centre.

What is the emergency contact number?

Living Support Team: 07866 150 634 Maintenance Emergencies : 01387 321300

School Office : 01387 702001

Is there anyone available out of office hours?

The School Office is usually open from 10am a.m. till 4 p.m. weekdays. The Duty Living Support assistant is available on the mobile phone throughout the night.

Do I need to do anything before moving into Brooke House

You are required to complete the quiz which is part of the e-induction.

Can I arrive before the start of my contract?

Yes if accommodation is available. Once you have accepted your offer you will be able to request preterm accommodation via your accommodation profile.

Also see 

Students arriving before the start of the accommodation contract cannot be guaranteed accommodation and you may be required to find alternative accommodation before the start date of the contract.

Can I extend my stay over the summer months?

Yes, normally information is emailed to you during 2nd term. Please note it may not be possible to accom- modate you in your term time room due to planned maintenance work being carried out during the vacation period.

Can I look around a typical room before I decide to accept?

Yes, please confirm directly with prior to your visit (in case all rooms are fully occupied). Rooms can also be viewed via the web page  

Are there medical facilities near the residence?

Yes, there are a number of GP surgeries in Dumfries. Please see the Resident’s Guide.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes, bike storage (indoor) is available at the Brooke House (items are left at your own risk) and your Hall insurance will not cover bikes unless you top up your insurance. Bikes are not allowed to be stored in the residence building.

Can I bring my car?

Yes, free car parking facilities are available on site.

What are the fire regulations like?

Please see our residence guide but for the avoidance of doubt:

Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings, including smoking out open windows. Electronic cigarettes are also not permitted within the buildings.

Cooking should not be left unattended.
Don’t wedge open fire doors at any point.
Candles, incense and other open flame items are not permitted within the buildings.

What do I need when living in Residence?

You will need everything that is needed for independent living such as towels, The university will supply you with a starter pack including a duvet, pillow, sheet, duvet cover, and pillow case.

If you are an overseas student and you need an adaptor, please ensure that the adaptor and any electrical equipment conforms and are marked to the British Standard (BS) or CE standard, as adaptors that do not meet the standard will be removed. UniKitOut provide adaptors that conform to the standard.

Are cooking utensils/crockery etc. provided?

Basic kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery are provided.

Who cleans my flat/room?

Cleaning is provided in the communal areas (the stair, hallway and laundry room). You are responsible for keeping your bedroom clean alongside the kitchen and hallway. Regular checks are carried out to ensure areas are kept clean.

Is bed linen provided?

Yes bed linen/duvets are provided.

The university will provide a starter pack including a duvet, pillow, sheet, duvet cover and pillow cover. En suite Single – standard UK single bed size (90 cm x 190 cm (3' 0" x 6' 3"))

If buying bed linen please check that sizes are either UK single or UK double as sometimes sizes will vary according to manufacturer.

What kind of laundry facilities are provided?

We have a laundry room at Brooke House which has free to use washing machines and tumble dryers.

Can I bring my own TV?

Yes you can bring your own TV but you are responsible for arranging and paying your own TV licence. However, there is a television (Licensed) in the living room.

See for more information.

What is the surrounding area like?

Brooke House is located on Brooke Street (a residential street) near Dumfries Town Centre. Nearby you will find the Old St Andrew’s Primary School (which has a small number of shops).

DGOne Leisure Centre is close by.
In Dumfries town centre you can find shops, restaurants, coffee shops and bars

Are there shopping facilities near the Hall?

Yes, in Dumfries town centre you can find a number of supermarkets.

Can I have overnight guests?

Any overnight guest can stay for a maximum of 3 nights for free. If you have a guest staying with you for a few days, we ask you to complete the forms available in your residence or collect one from the School Office in Rutherford / McCowan and to inform since we need to know who is here for fire safety.

While your guest is here, you are responsible for their behaviour and for informing them of the rules, fire regulations and health and safety. If regulations are broken or your guest is being disruptive to student welfare we will ask them to leave.

Please note overnight guests are not permitted during Freshers Week or Arrivals Weekend.

What happens if I lose my key?

You should notify staff as soon as possible and a spare key can be issued via the School Office with a charge of £25 per key being made for its replacement. For additional security please avoid labelling your key with any specific room details.

What happens to my mail / parcel delivery?

Mail is delivered directly to the letter box. If an item is too big for the letter box and no one is available to collect it in the flat, a card from the delivery company will be left advising you how to collect it.

When you move into the residences you will be provided with your full postal address. Please be very careful and specific when issuing your address to avoid any confusion/incorrect deliveries.

How do I pay my accommodation fees?

Your accommodation fees are paid via the University student system MyCampus. Please see the MyCampus website for further information.

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