Emma's Blog: Settling in at UofG

By UofGBlogger 14 Oct 2019

Before coming to university I was extremely nervous about moving to a new country, check out my previous blog about how I was feeling about moving to Glasgow.

After one week of freshers’ and one week of lectures, I am in awe of my new life. Leaving home, flying to a new country and arriving at my residence was easy breezy because I never realised that I was moving. I kept trying to grasp it but all I could do was ask myself in disbelief; “I live here??”. 

My mum and I stayed in a hotel room for a few nights before I moved in and during this time we explored a little bit of the city centre and the area around the university. Trying to find our way among large crowds of people, various public transport systems and one-way streets was not easy. Impatient as I am I quickly became stressed and angry about not knowing in which direction Buchanan street was, and not knowing whether the bus or the subway would be the fastest way to get to Byres road. Compared to my hometown, Glasgow is a huge city and I was overwhelmed the second I stepped foot outside the airport bus. 

A few moments later I realised that I just have to accept that I know nothing, and that that's okay. I also realised that the key to getting to know the area is to simply dive in, head first, without thinking too much about it. There are SO many restaurants, bars, and cafes, that you can’t know them all; you just go to one and see what happens. There is so much to choose from that you don’t really have a choice.

Going to the welcome introduction for international students I had no idea what to expect, I was nervous and extremely excited. As soon as I started to approach the Boyd Orr building I saw freshers coming out of every corner. It was a very strange experience because it was obvious that we were all going in the same direction. That same afternoon, I went to my first lecture in one of the lecture theatres at UofG and I felt right at home. 

The day my mum left I felt like I was on top of the world. It was like being in a movie; walking among tall buildings on my way to my new home after dropping her off at the bus station. Although when I came back to my new room, alone, it hit me. I tried to distract myself by organising my belongings, trying to find a permanent place for my hairbrush, finding the best way to store my shoes etc. The feeling that came creeping on me was horrible and I was suddenly struck with an extreme feeling of nervousness, the same feeling I would have before an important exam. The tears came streaming down my cheeks and I had no one to turn to. I called my dad and cried, I gathered strength and tried to comfort myself. A few moments later I had another meltdown, even more powerful than the one before and I sat on my bed, bawling, alone. 

That was two weeks ago, and since then I have found my place in a friend group with people that I sincerely like and want to spend time with. I have stood on stage alone to sing karaoke in front of people I just met, I have gone out in the evenings a lot more than I thought I would, I have joined a dance society and found a place where I can practice yoga, I have attended lectures and studied in my room, I have found my way around the city and I have organised my room. I have also kept in contact with my family, my relatives and my friends from home, and I have turned the “I live here??” question into an “I live here!” exclamation of joy. 


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