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Eva's Blog: How to be the best flatmate

By UofGBlogger 15 Nov 2019

For most of us, moving into dorms is the first glimpse of the real world. Taking responsibility, keeping the “household” clean all by yourself. For many, that can be a challenge. Flats are usually mixed, people come from different families, have different backgrounds and personalities. However, some rules must be set (even though you might think it is common sense)...

6. Don’t put liquid in the bins

Unless the liquid is so off you are scared to open the bottle and you are 100% sure it won't leak, don’t put it in the bin. Otherwise, your kitchen smells like something died there.

Lifehack: Flush it down the toilet and recycle the bottle (if applicable).

5. Clean after yourself

No matter if you are in a hurry, you should always clean up after you are done in the kitchen. If not, your flat mates won't have space to cook when they come starving from the Uni!

Lifehack: If you have just a dirty plate or a bowl, put it back in your cupboard. This way other people will have space and you can come to it later without feeling bad.

4. Share your experiments

Sharing food can be a bonding activity for the whole flat. If you bake a cake and tell the whole flat about it, it’s nice to also offer them some. Don’t worry if the taste isn’t good. We are students and it is free!

Lifehack: You can make it a weekly thing. Everyone bonding over some cake in the kitchen, while talking about flat problems.

3. Opportunity makes a thief

That’s what they say. However, you don’t have to take the opportunity! It is very rude to take someone’s food or product, whether it is cooked (and they spent time preparing it) or raw (and they spent money on buying it).

Lifehack: Make a group chat. I am sure, that one of your many flat mates wouldn’t mind sharing a bit of food if you ask nicely.

2. Keep your noise down

With Uni life, our daily routine often switches, and we are more productive during the night. That means sleeping in late and staying away till the early hours. However, it doesn’t have to be the same for all your flatmates. They might want to go to sleep early or just work in peace.

You should really think about the noise level you reach. Do you speak in the hallway? Do you shower late at night with music on? Did you just get home from a night out and singing is the best form of expressing it?

Lifehack: Quiet hours are called quiet for a reason. Be considerate.

1.   Respect each other

Generally, all these points could be summarized as mutual respect. Try to imagine yourself in the position of your flatmates. If your emotions are negative, please rethink your actions. It is very important to create a pleasant and friendly environment. After all, you will be living together for a long time!


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