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Experiencing Scotland so far!

By ArminsBlogger 16 Nov 2020

You want to experience jaw-dropping landscapes, great food and amazing people? Have you ever been to Scotland?

Today it has been two months since I am here – living and studying in vibrant and exciting Glasgow. Scotland just starts here, offering all the breath-taking experiences around us. I'm glad to have met friends from Scotland, who has given me this opportunity - to experience Scotland.

Don't worry, if you are still finding your people - it can take time (it usually does for me). In the meantime, the following can be your guide for getting away from the energetic environment. Doesn't matter - alone, with friends, family or flatmates, it will be one of your best adventures so far.

a person outside an arena

If you read my previous blogs, you would know I like watching films and tv series (by the way, that's also what I'm studying here). Another thing, we find it enjoyable in Latvia but doesn't seem like a very popular in the UK, is Eurovision. So did you know about a Netflix film "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga"? If not, then it's a new film suggestion for you. If yes, you probably are familiar with the arena, where Eurovision takes place in this movie. Did you know it is actually in Glasgow, not in Edinburgh? I was shocked when I heard it, why no one had told me that earlier? Anyways, the SSE Hydro arena, located within the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow is spectacular, perhaps only because the Netflix movie has been shot there. Get to an actual filming location - done.

Alright, this will sound strange, but this was my first time trying Fish and Chips. I know, but at least I tried it, and I think it was something delicious. However, it's not quite a Scottish traditional dish, it still counts for me as something new and a part of this journey. Try typical UK's takeaway food - done.

horse statues

Scotland: The only country in the world to have planted two giant horse-heads in the ground. Now we are moving outside of Glasgow to Falkirk. Can you imagine two 30 metres high horse-head sculptures? I couldn't before I got there. So perfectly splendid (reference from "The Haunting of Bly Manor", another tv suggestion). No, for real, it is a majestic and magnificent place to be, especially at night, when they light up blue. The Kelpies are surrounded by water and appears to leave the same impression as you would have seen the mythological shape-shifting water spirits - kelpies. Mysterious transforming beasts combined with the history of Scottish industry and economy give an incredible feeling to experience. Visit an iconic place in Scotland - done.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of blood sausage from Latvia but being here, it was my responsibility to try the black pudding. Made from blood and something else (I just remember the fact it has blood in it, anything else is irrelevant). As we know, food in Scotland can be surprisingly good, but unhealthy because it is deep-fried. As well as fish and chips, the black pudding I tried was battered and deep-fried. So now I have a confession - I enjoyed the black pudding as I did everything else so far in Scotland. Try local blood sausage - done.

a close up of green hillside

Last month has been full of new emotions, feelings and experiences. I recommend you to explore the area around you because I can assure there is so much to see, you even don't need to go far away. This is not all from me, I have also been to stunning and breath-taking Highlands, but they deserve their own story.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram - @arminsre and read my previous blogs here. 

In this time we must stay safe, so please travel and experience safely. Feel free to contact me, if you need new suggestions or you just want to talk. See, try, feel - experience Scotland.

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