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Getting Around Glasgow

By sdopico 07 Jan 2020

Welcome to Glasgow! I’m sure you can’t wait to explore this sensational city. Here are some tips on how to move around the dear green place.

Glasgow Subway (‘The Clockwork Orange’)

Glasgow has the third-oldest underground metro system in the world and is probably the simplest you have ever used. The Subway is a good option to move between the West End and City Centre. Trains run frequently and it takes only around 10 minutes to get to buzzing Buchanan Street. Make sure you get a Subway Smartcard. You can order it online for free and it offers cheaper rates than paper tickets. Get it here

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Did you know that cycling makes you healthier, happier and sexier? #fact

Glasgow offers a public bike sharing scheme. You can rent and return bikes from any of the stations located throughout the city. Rental starts at £1 for the first 30 minutes. University of Glasgow students can get a FREE annual membership.  All info here

If you bring your own bike to halls, remember that you must register it at your residence and store it safely in the bike shelters available. There are also bike shelters available around Campus, as well as bicycle repair stations and an inner tube machine in the Library, just in case!

Bike Station, George Square (NextBike)

First Glasgow Bus

First Glasgow is the main bus operator in the city. They offer student discounts for weekly and seasonal tickets. It is likely you’ll jump on the bus from time to time so be ready! When buying a single or return ticket you should know the fare in advance as exact change should be given, otherwise they’ll keep it all.  Click here to check Bus Fares and a Bus Network Map

I‘m afraid I can’t guarantee all drivers will be as cheerful as this one.

First Bus and Clyde (Scotland Now/Daily Record)

Glasgow Taxis

When you are on a night out, a taxi is probably the best option to get you back home. Taxis are available 24 hours; you can either book one or head to a designated rank. They don’t make you wait long and prices are quite reasonable, especially if you are sharing. And let’s face it, nothing can beat a Glaswegian taxi drivers’ banter!  More info here

painted taxi art in GlasgowStreet art, Mitchell St (ArtPistol)

Travel safe!

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