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Have you noticed Glasgow's Street Art before?

By HazelBlogger 13 Mar 2018

Works of graffiti are often considered offensive, inappropriate words and random scribbles but those in Glasgow are redefining this art form.

And here are my favourites...

From roaring tigers to badminton players, incredible murals can be spotted on unsuspecting stretches of wall. Some are well-known and easily found, just like the puppets. Just off the street from George Square, the dancing marionettes are the meeting spot landmark for popular tour agencies. 

Others are more obscure - I have walked down the road above countless times at night and only noticed the girl and her magnifying glass when I walked that way in the daytime. I think it's amazing!

One of the most extensive murals is the creature's paradise by Albion Street. Stretching across the length of an entire car park, the magnificent colours bright up a grey and cloudy day - essentially 99% of days here!

However, my favourite (by far) is the hand shadow figures that you can find in a tunnel by Cowcaddens station. They don't even look graffiti and how people can think they are 'inappropriate and random scribbles' is beyond me...

Smaller works of art with less details and colours can also be spotted all around Glasgow so, next time you are out walking around town, keep the phone in your pocket and look around. You might just spot a hidden gem embedded into the walls of the vibrant cityscape. Either way, it's guaranteed to brighten up your walk in the dreary, rainy weather!

How many can you find?

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