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How I balance my sport with my studies

By MelanieBlogger 06 Mar 2018

University life is amazing but isn't always easy...

There are so many things academically to juggle, all whilst you’re learning to look after yourself.

It can be difficult finding yourself stuck in your room or a busy patch in the library for days on end catching up on work and trying to meet deadlines. 

After a while, your brain just doesn’t want anymore and even though you may not have finished, you have to occupy yourself with something else.

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Getting outside and training after a day of studying is so helpful! When you’re committed to a sport, there’s a lot you need to give to get the most out of it. It puts my mind at ease and I literally run off any stress. As well as getting to see my friends.

Our gym sessions are also pretty early in the morning too so they get me out of bed and get my system ready to take on the day. 

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I feel it’s the same with your studies, if you want the grade you’re aiming for, you have to work for it. So in that sense, playing sport lets me apply goal setting in other aspects of my life.

What’s really important about balancing uni work and sporting commitments is that you try to keep a level head.

There will be times when you feel overwhelmed and sometimes you just need to step back and take each task as it comes rather than stressing about the bigger picture.

Good luck!