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It's getting closer!

By LucyBlogger 10 Aug 2017

So I'm going to tell you all about preparation for university. As a warning, I am no expert as I am a young fresher, about to leave the rural community of Galloway and head for Glasgow. One of the questions asked was how I am feeling right now - as I pack up my life in to a few boxes and two suitcases. Well, stressed could be one way of describing it I guess. I still don't even have towels! I mean I do have other essentials such as three shot glasses that my mum spotted for 25p each...

We are on the two week countdown and I'm definitely a lot calmer than I expected to be about it. It has hit me that I am moving, but I have had a lot of time to prepare and gather my thoughts. The worst thing about leaving will be leaving my family behind, as I'd be nowhere today without my parents and grandparents. I expect the first month of uni life to be mental. I'm already an insomniac with a terrible sleep pattern, so I don't think the shock of not being able to sleep until all hours is going to be a big one. I'm also really looking forward to meeting a lot of like minded people - I have already met a few on Facebook. Another cliched thing I can't wait for is to get back in to some academic schedule after so long - and I can't wait to study things that I always loved in school - and not have the burden of say... Maths...

Another question asked was if I was bringing anything that reminded me of home - I have already printed off loads of photographs to stick on the pin board... I hope there's a pin board... and my lion teddy that I got when I was two, and who has been on every big adventure with me ever since. I think that living in halls will be an adventure on its own, although I believe I've opted for a great option of an en-suite room. I've also heard that my halls are a little more peaceful, don't get me wrong I like a party every now and then, but I don't know if I could quite cope every night. I'm painting myself out to be quite the nerd. I am. 

The last question is "how much do I know about Glasgow?" - I was born there seventeen years ago, and have visited quite a lot since, so I know my way around the West End and the City Centre pretty well. I'm looking forward to discovering a lot more though when I move - such as secret passageways and short cuts for class. I have a habit of leaving things to last minute so will probably be late to class on more than one occasion. Apart from that, I don't have much else to say, other than I'm going to take things as they come within the coming months. One stage is ending and another starting.