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Just One Week Left… to a Brave New Life!

By LindaBlogger 01 Sep 2017

As I start making a list of things to pack, I'm sad because I’ll leave so many things at home. I don’t really know which things I’ll miss!

I’m bringing some posters which will remind me of my closet, full of photos and magazine cut-outs.  Also, I can’t forget about my beloved yoga mat and my mug coaster from Japan!

Even if packing stresses me out a bit, I’m so ready to move and start this new life next week. It’s so close! I can’t wait to meet new people going to my University or staying in my Hall! Also, I look forward to make new friends and go to gigs in Glasgow!

I find myself often daydreaming about how my life will totally turn upside down. From Italy to Scotland. A totally new country for me; even if I’ve travelled a lot, this is my first time there. It will be cold, hogwartsy and the nature will be spectacular. Or so I think!

I live in a very small town in the countryside so moving to a big city will be shocking for me. I will be able to walk everywhere and there will be always something to do. So exciting! Also, I don’t know how my relationship with the constant rain and wind will be. I don’t dislike stormy weather but I think I’ll miss the sun just a tiny little bit!

Being in a flat with other people will also be a total first for me! I am an only child and I will be in a single room but I’ll have 11 or 12 flatmates. It’ll be nice because someone will be around at all times, but I think I’ll also need some alone time once in a while. I’m not a loner but I often enjoy a quite date with my laptop and a movie.

Overall I am so happy to be starting University in Glasgow as I think I’ll love the city and the student life there. Even if I’ll have to study for the majority of the time, I hope I’ll have fun too!

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