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Lister House FAQs

By Scampbell 09 Aug 2021

How do I collect my key on arrival at Lister House?

Keys are usually collected directly from Lister House office, but please read the separate ‘arrival letter’ for further information as we are only open part time and do need to know your date and time of arrival in ad- vance.

How close is the Lister House to the University?

Lister House is approx 25 mins walk to the main campus, a 40mins walk to St Andrew’s Building, 30mins walk to the Vet School and a 10mins walk to Gartnavel Hospital.

Is there a bus that goes to the University from the Hall?

There is a bus stop~8 mins walk from Lister House where you can travel part route to the main campus. This bus is operated by First Bus: 

What are the office contact details?

+44 (0) 141 357 0556 or +44 (0) 141 330 6182


What are the office opening hours?

The Lister House office is open only part time. The office is usually open between 9.30am- 12noon Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please check for any changes or updates left on the office door or via email.

Our main office, the Student Apartments Office, is open Monday– Friday 8:00– 17:00. It is located on Campus near The Library and The Fraser Building at 89 Gibson Street.

Is there anyone available outside office hours?

There is a Living Support Assistant available from 18:00 to 8:00. weekdays and during the weekend from 18:00 on Friday to 8:00 on the Monday morning. You can also contact security at the Gatehouse on University Avenue out of office hours if there is an emergency—their number is 0141 330 4282.

Will I be able to extend my stay over the summer months?

Yes, you can book to stay over the summer months with Accommodation Services’ staff. They can be contacted by phoning 0141 330 4743 or emailing

Can I possibly look around a typical room?

We would be delighted to show you around but please arrange a visit in advance as the office is only open part time.

What do I need to bring for living in Lister House?

Glasgow is cold and wet in the winter it is most important to have suitable clothing. Residents in single rooms will need towels, crockery, cooking utensils, saucepans, etc.

Residents in studios and family flats have basic crockery etc. provided in their kitchen but will need to bring towels.

Please note there are strict restrictions on electrical items which can be brought/ used in the building -see‘Electrical letter’ for further details.

Are there medical facilities near Lister House?

A medical practice, Barclay Medical Practice, is located at the Fraser Building on campus and there are a few doctors practices between Lister House and campus.

further information is available from

Are there shopping facilities nearby?

Byres Road is the main shopping and social area in the West End and is en-route for students studying on the main campus. There are also some convenience stores located within a short walking distance of Lister House on Cleveden Road, Kelvindale Road (incl.a post office) and at the junction of Gt. Western Road and Kirklee Road. There is a 24hr Tesco in Maryhill which is popular with residents.

Are there recycling facilities nearby?

Yes, in our east carpark we host a recycling area. There’s a glass recycling bin, a food waste bin and a pa- per/plastic bottle/can recycling bins. There is also a British Heart Foundation charity bin for collecting do- nated items for their shops. These are located beside our general refuse bins. Residents are encouraged to recycle as much as possible but are asked empty internal bins into main bins daily and not store items in their kitchens/rooms.

Is storage available for a bike?

There is a garage for bikes; a key is available on request. Bikes are not permitted inside the building.

Is there a car park at the residence?

Yes we have two car parks. Please provide the office with your car details.

What is the surrounding area like?

Lister House is located in a quiet, residential area near the Botanic Gardens. It is situated beside Winton Flats and Queen Margaret Residence.

Can my friends stay overnight?

Please refer to the Accommodation Services Overnight Guest policy and procedure. Please note that overnight guests are not permitted during Freshers' Week and Arrivals Weekend.

What happens if I lose my key(s)?

Replacement key(s) can be issued via the office. Current charges are from £25 per key. Please take great care not to label your key or keep it with your address details.

What happens to my mail / parcel delivery?

Each room/flat has a small mail box located at the bottom of the staircase at each side of the building. Mail is distributed to this box by hall staff or living support assistants.

If an item of mail is too large for the mailbox or if it requires a signature then it may be kept in the office and a note will be left for you.

Please note the office is only open part time and we cannot guarantee to be in the office at the time of your delivery, if this causes you concern please use a drop off address near campus for your delivery.

Once you leave Lister House your mail will be returned to sender.

Is there Wi-Fi in the Residence?


How do I pay my accommodation fees?

Your accommodation fees are paid via the University student system MyCampus. Please see the MyCampus website for further information.

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