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My top film and TV recommendations

By ArminsBlogger 06 Nov 2020

Warning, the following can cause an addiction! Who am I kidding, of course not, Netflix can't be too much, right?

Perhaps, it's not the best idea to watch the latest tv shows and movies, while having assignments due to the next day (except for non-procrastinators because they have probably done everything already). We all know how ‘just one more episode’ can turn out as ‘congratulations, you have completed Netflix’.  Still, it offers the well-deserved break from your studies and it can be spent together with your friends, family, or flatmates, so I have prepared some suggestions for you.

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Who doesn’t like ABBA? It’s even better to sing your heart out loud with actors in the movie ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’. Yes, I know, it’s the second part of the journey, but I suppose you are up to date and have already seen the first part. Personally, I enjoyed this one better than the first one because of the colourful, energetic, and dynamic shots and songs after every five minutes.

My lockdown discovery of television – ‘Young Sheldon’. “‘Young Sheldon’ Isn’t Just Better Than ‘The Big Bang Theory’ — It’s Funnier, Too” (Indiewire). That’s true and probably it’s the only sitcom I have managed to watch because sit-coms are just not my cup of tea. Funnily enough, I don’t like ‘The Big Bang Theory’, but I have fantastic news – 4th season of ‘Young Sheldon’ comes out on the 6th of November.

Are you a fan of reality shows? There are so many great ones, but if you want something easy, funny, amusing, weird and hilarious, it will definitely be ‘Nailed It!’. It celebrates those who try and will lift even the darkest mood. Wonderful host and kind judges set the right tone to binge it in one week. There is even a Christmas special, and as we know, it can’t be too early for Christmas, I have already started to listen to Christmas playlist.

By now you should have spent approximately 2 days and 45 minutes watching all of listed above. Do you want more? Are you sure you have finished all your assignments? Okay, here we go again!

a view of earth from space

I love dystopian science fiction, so I must include titles like ‘Maze Runner’, ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Alita: Battle Angel’, but perhaps you want a story, which you can follow for at least a couple of seasons, so I suggest you start watching ‘The 100’. 7 seasons, 100 episodes of high-concept sci-fi drama for all ages, with a suspenseful atmosphere, which will keep you pressing ‘next episode’.

Just the idea of tv series keeps you off? What about 23 high-budget movies? Yes, you read it right, there are 23 movies in ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’, following the same storyline. And even more are coming. This universe includes superheroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel. I bet you can find something you will enjoy among 23 movies.

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This will add 5 days and 16 hours to your watch-time, but I can assure it will be worth it. Of course, don’t forget to take breaks and don’t make it as your only way of spending time, it will not be as enjoyable. It took me almost a year to finish all these movies because it was my method of relaxation after a long day or on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Stay connected with each other and stay safe, you can always contact me on Instagram, to get new movie suggestions - @arminsre

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