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Queen Margaret Residences Weekly Update (24 May)

By SMowat 24 May 2021

Departure Information

For anyone departing site over the next few weeks, please keep an eye on your university emails as we will be sending out some useful information.

Attention – All Smokers

Please do not leave any of your cigarette ends lying on the ground outside the flats. This is a fire hazard and also very unsightly.  For those of you who are unaware, we have designated smoking areas around the site that are equipped for disposing of finished cigarettes.

Rubbish and Recycling

Please make sure that you are taking your rubbish out to the external bins on a regular basis rather than letting it build up inside the flat.  Please make sure you flat pack the boxes as this leaves more space for other residents.  Bags of glass bottles should not be left next to bins outside, if the bins are full please look for an alternative bin or hold onto them until such times that there is space in the glass bins.  Also, if bins are almost full, please look for an emptier bin within the shed to deposit your rubbish rather than trying to squeeze it into an almost overflowing bin.

Throwing Items Out of Windows

Please do not under any circumstances throw any items out of your windows.  We have had complaints from local residents who have witnessed this on a few occasions.

Service Days

On your service day, please make sure that all kitchen surfaces are clear of items, and the sink is emptied of dirty dishes. This allows our housekeeping team to complete their full service.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the service not being carried out that day, and may also result in the start of the messy flat procedure.  If this is the case, the flat may be charged for additional cleaning.

Access to Rooms

Please note that the University (or persons acting with the authority of the University) will normally give at least 24 hours prior notice of its intention to carry out such inspections or works.  No such notice will be required in cases of emergency.

Reporting Repairs

Any repairs can be reported online at

If the repair is urgent please call 0141 339 3273 (including after office hours and weekends)

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