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The stress of the move

By GerardBlogger 15 Apr 2017

Just a couple of weeks ago I managed to fulfill one of my new year resolutions: moving to the city centre

Even though I really love my new cosy, smaller, warmer and centric flat, I must confess that the move itself has been exhausting. We tend to think that when we become 18 we are already adults, but what really tests your success at adulting is relocating. I did think that I got over it when I came to Glasgow from Spain, but I was wrong.

You move home because you want something better than what you already have. This results in very high expectations that just clash when you pack your things. Unlike moving countries, where you normally just bring a couple of huge suitcases with plenty of clothes, within country moves also result in moving whatever you bought during your time here. In my case, the suitcases grew into furniture, decoration, more clothes, a ladder, a microwave, an espresso machine and food. Too much for a short train trip from the south side to the centre. So hiring a van, and therefore driving on the left, was my only solution. If you are a right-side driver you’ll certainly understand how hard it is to start driving on the opposite side! It does get better as miles go by, but taking into account the width of a van… it really gets on your nerves!

However, transporting the stuff is not the culprit of the stress of the move, it is just physically extenuating. The real stress is moving utilities to your new home, especially when “unexpected” issues arise. It doesn’t really matter how much you try to plan ahead, issues happen and tie you to the phone for endless hours talking to answering machines and driving you mad with the annoying waiting melodies. Luckily, just before you turn maniac, you’ll discover that actual customer service in the UK is quite nice and is able to solve everything if you manage to be patient enough without going nuts.

So here is my advice: do not hesitate to move home if you really like your new place. The move will leave you tired, stronger, madder and maybe with some extra white hairs, but it is all for the greater good.