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The three apps you need if you're new to UofG

By CGordon 12 Sep 2019

Are you new to the University of Glasgow? Well, first of all, welcome! 

There are three apps that will really help you find your way - our Student Welcome app, the Timetable & Room Finder app and the Information Services app.

New Student Welcome App

The New Student Welcome app is one to download and look at now, before you arrive. It will help you to prepare for your arrival and make the most of your first year at Glasgow. It currently has information about things you need to know, think about or do before you arrive.

As September draws closer, it will tell you more about registration, enrolment and the very special (and busy) UofG Welcome.

Use the menu at the top to explore, create your own To Do list, add deadlines to your personalised schedule and connect with other offer holders, all in one place!

Good news is that it's available for IOS, Android and as a web app.

Timetable & Room Finder App

The Timetable & Room Finder app is a lifesaver while you're on campus.

Firstly, it has your class timetable on it, including room numbers. You don't need to worry about printing or carrying around a paper copy! You can also synch this with your personal calendar.

You can also receive updates and text alerts of late timetable changes - there's nothing more annoying than getting to a class only to find it's been cancelled or the room number has changed.

It also has amazing map features to help you navigate the campus. You can use your current location to get directions to your destination, or you can get directions from a specific building to another - it even includes our off campus student residences. It also provides detailed directions of how to get to a specific room within the building.

You can also check out the physical access features of locations and accessible routes.

This is a web app, so all you need to do is go to this web address, then save the page to your home screen.

Information Services App

The Information Services App is also full of really useful features.

It allows you to search the library database and your library account - very handy once you get your reading lists or assignments.

It also lets you know computer availability in the Library and the Round Reading Room (a great study spot on campus).

It also lets you see your Moodle modules. Moodle is where you'll find all of your course information including course handbooks, assessment information, course resources, etc. You'll be using it a lot, and being able to access it quickly on the go is great. Moodle also has an app of its own for IOS and android - just enter moodle.gla.ac.uk when it asks for the site address.

It also links to the Timetable & Room Finder app mentioned above.

This is also a web app, so all you need to do is go to this web address, then save the page to your home screen.