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a parking meter covered in snow


Tips for staying warm this winter

By EMeyer 08 Oct 2021

With the change in weather and the temperatures getting quite low, you may feel tempted to just spend all day under the covers! 

But, do not fret, for with these small tidbits of advice below you will be well suited to the cold and will be ready to face whatever the typical Glaswegian weather throws at you...

  • Wear layers

    You may be tempted to just wear a t-shirt and throw on a coat that looks like Chewbacca’s older brother but this will not keep you warm. By wearing several layers of breathable clothes such as cotton you help keep the hot air closer to your body, keeping yourself warmer. A good set of thermal clothing (such as Heat Tech) under your normal day clothes work a treat too!

  • Wear good winter footwear!

    While your Nike shoes may look dazzling they will not keep your feet warm or dry, instead opt for insulated boots such as water proof hiking shoes. These not only keep your feet warm and dry but also provide better grip for your feet on the slippery street.

  • Shut your window when the heating is on.

    When the heating is on, opening the window will just let all the heat out, if you’re too warm simply adjust the radiator thermostat first. If your heating seems to not work, remember to report it as soon as you can to reception. (Please remember that no personal heaters are permitted in University accommodation due to fire regulations.)

  • Hot water bottles work a treat!

    Simply fill it with hot water and leave in your bed a few minutes before tucking yourself in for the night to make your bed nice and cozy.

Top tip: You may also want to check the weather forecast before you head out by clicking here.


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