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Useful Links for Lockdown

By Scampbell 27 Jan 2021

Mainland Scotland and some islands are in lockdown with guidance to stay at home, except for essential purposes. 

You should: 

  • wear a face covering 

  • only go out if necessary and avoid crowded places 

  • clean hands and surfaces regularly 

  • Maintain a prudent 2m distance from people outside your household/extended household 

  • A maximum of 2 people, aged 12 and over, can meet outdoors for a permitted purpose, if they are not from the same household. 

  • self-isolate and book a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms (new continuous cough, fever or loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste) 

  • download the Protect Scotland contact tracing app 

Living Support Contacts 

Your Living Support Team are here for you and can support you through a wealth of scenarios. You can call them out of hours (6pm-8am on weekdays and 24 hours at weekends)  For more information on the Living Support office hours at your residence head to:  

Your Safety 

Gatehouse Security: Communal 0141 330 4282 or Emergency 0141 330 4444  

Safezone App: A must have for every member of staff and student at the UofG, the SafeZone App is an app that is monitored 24 hours a day by the UofG Security team ensuring the safety and security of our staff and students - whether it be on campus, at halls or anywhere in between. 
The SafeZone App is a way of helping ensure staff and students feel safe and secure throughout their time at UofG. 

Download the app:  

Message from CaPS (Counselling and Psychological Service) 

During this difficult and challenging period, it is important we all take the time to look after our mental health. Below we have gathered some information and advice on ways for both staff and students to manage their mental health during this time.  

The World Health Organisation has issued Three Key Messages for managing mental health in relation to the Coronavirus: 

  • Avoid watching, reading or listening to news that could cause you anxiety or distress 
  • Seek information mainly to take practical steps to prepare your plans and protect yourself 

  • Seek Information updates at specific times once or twice during the day. 

If you feel you would benefit from speaking to someone about these external services are available: 

Phone: 0141 330 4528 or email:  

Student Representative Council 

Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council is an independent, student-led organisation, recognised as the representative body for students registered at The University of Glasgow. 

The Advice Centre is an advice, information and representation service provided by the SRC for all Glasgow University students. 

The Advice Team have put together some information based on their most common enquiries during the current COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll find guidance and information on a wide range of issues such as academic appeals, formal and informal complaints, employment rights and financial support  

SRC contact details: and the Advice Centre can offer you an online appointment via Zoom or Teams. Get in touch via email: 

Library Updates 

Scottish Government restrictions now apply. To allow us to keep the Library open, there will be no access to bookshelves but you can still access the electronic collections:  

To allow for physical distancing, there are a significantly reduced number of seats available. You can check how busy the Library is at the Library entrance and in the Library Information section of the UofG Life App or online here:  

Opening hours: Monday 10:00 - 20:00, Tuesday - Sunday 08:00 - 20:00 

Peer Wellbeing Support 

Peer Wellbeing Support is a confidential, student-led listening service. It allows students to talk! 

There is no issue too small for Peer Wellbeing Support. Opening up and talking to someone is one of the most effective ways to keep good mental health and can stop your problems becoming overwhelming. Supporters are there to listen and help you explore how you are feeling with empathy and without judgement. They will not tell you what to do. The benefit of speaking with trained, fellow students is the understanding of shared experiences. 

You can have a quick 10 minute chat or stay up to an hour - this is your decision. 


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